Video and audio accessibility

Pre-recorded video or audio content published on or after the 23rd of September 2020 must be accessible.

In-depth guidance for students and staff around video and audio digital accessibility requirements is under development and consultation on that is taking place shortly. 

What are the regulations?

The 2018 Digital Accessibility Regulations require that, from 23rd September 2020, all ‘time-based media’ (video and audio) must either provide a transcript or captioning or both (video only).
Media published before that date is exempt. 


The  University has agreed that we will provide automatic transcripts, i.e. machine-generated transcripts, for all video recorded via services that Information Services provides, primarily Zoom, Echo 360 and Microsoft Stream.

  • Auto-transcripts for Zoom, Echo 360 and Microsoft Stream are available now.
    • There is no legal obligation to improve the quality of these transcripts which are claimed to be between 75 - 90% accurate, although strong anecdotal evidence suggests it is less than that. 
  • Legal advice from Jisc is that some transcription is better than no transcription.

Discussions are underway as to the best approach to improving transcripts if required and will form part of the general guidance.

Please note
  • Live video less than 14 days old is exempt 
  • If a document is used in the video (PowerPoint, Word or similar alternatives), then an accessible version must also be provided. That’s the case now for that type of content.
  • Transcripts/captioning means not only what is being said but also a description of anything that is happening. For example, music playing or wind blowing through the trees.  In most cases this may not be an issue, but in some instructional videos it will be.

Lecture recording

Information Services are working with a (growing) number of groups to provide end to end guidance on lecture recording which will include Pedagogic and technical information as well as the guidance digital accessibility under development.


Updated 12/06/2020