Electronic lab notebooks event

Electronic lab notebooks event

On 16 March 2016, the Research Data Management Team at the University of Glasgow hosted an information event to highlight the use of electronic lab notebooks (ELN) to support academic research.

The background to the event was that there have been many new funder requirements for data management and sharing issued over the last few years. An important part of good data management is the creation of contextual information (metadata) which makes the data intelligible and which is necessary for future use of the data by the creators and by others. One of the biggest challenges in research is ensuring that the metadata does not become separated from the data in a way in which they can’t be associated again.

Using an electronic lab notebook is one of the ways in which to ensure that the association between the research data and the metadata is robust. An appropriate ELN can also streamline the process of recording research data.


  • Mary Donaldson (RDM Team) - Welcome and introduction
  • Rory MacNeil (CEO, RSpace) and Richard Adams (CTO, RSpace) – Introduction to and demonstration of RSpace, PDF: RSpace_MacNeill
  • Aviral Vatsa (Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology) – Evaluation of RSpace, PDF: RSpace_Vatsa
  • Anir Pandit (Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology) – Using Basecamp in a research setting, PDF: Basecamp_Pandit
  • Graham Gibson (Physics and Astronomy) –Using OneNote in a research setting, PDF: OneNote_Gibson
  • Chris Edwards (IT Services) –Information security and ELNs, PDF: ITS_Edwards