Research Data Management Costs

When considering costs relating to research data, you may want to refer to our guide.

Enlighten: Research Data Deposit Costs

The cost of storing data in Enlighten: Research Data is £1800 per terabyte. This is a one-off deposit charge and guarantees secure data storage for ten years. This cost is likely to fall over time, so we recommend that you check for the updated current cost periodically in this document.   

Deposit Costs
Storage (GB)Cost (£)
0-5 Free
5-125 225
125-250 450
250-500 900
500-750 1350
750-1000 1800

It should also be straightforward to scale costs for datasets larger than one terabyte based on these figures. However, if in any doubt, please contact the RDM team for advice. 

Including Repository deposit costs in Funding Applications

Funders who do not provide their own data centres (such as ESRC and NERC) will usually permit data storage costs to be included in grant applications. Costs relating to RDM are subject to the normal rules of grant funding, for example costs must be fully justified, be spent before the end date of the project and may only be charged for data produced by the project. 

Also, most funders, including those who provide their own data centres, will often provide funding for other data management activities (such as for enhancing documentation or preparing data for deposit) and related staff time. Check your funder's application guidance or contact us to discuss. 


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