Enlighten: Research Data


Enlighten: Research Data is suitable for any research data produced or collected by researchers affiliated with the University of Glasgow. Researchers do not have to use Enlighten: Research Data but may choose to do so where no other appropriate repository is available.

Enlighten: Research Data can safely store all types of research data. This can include documents, spreadsheets, databases, transcripts, questionnaires, audio and video files, images, systematic reviews, models, algorithms, logfiles, scripts and software. Our collection policy for Enlighten: Research Data can be found here.

Typically the research data deposited will underpin the findings in a research output such as an article, conference proceeding or thesis.  However this is not always the case.

If your dataset underpins a research article please include a data availability statement in the article. If the dataset is stored an another repository the data availability statement will also help us to gather information about the dataset and make sure the details are linked to your staff profile page and flow through to other university systems.

The decision as to what data are deposited in Enlighten: Research Data or another repository is entirely at the researcher’s discretion and can vary according to discipline and/or funder. At a minimum a useful dataset is likely to include: data that will help someone to understand, validate or replicate the research findings in a publication; Readme files; and any other useful documentation

Datasets deposited in Enlighten: Research Data which can be made openly available are subject to our standard Terms and Conditions

Datasets deposited in Enlighten: Research Data which need to be restricted or controlled need to be individually assessed. For this we will request appropriate documentation from the depositing researcher (eg a copy of the consent form and PIS). 


There are two storage systems that underpin the Enlighten: Research Data repository.


The storage provided through Enlighten: Research Data is contracted out to a UK-based digital archiving company called Arkivum. The contractor is ISO27001 certified and provides guaranteed data integrity and security. The Arkivum service can safely store all types of data including sensitive material. When data are deposited with the University’s repository they are encrypted and stored off-site in the contractor’s data centres and a further copy is held on tape in escrow.  See associated costs for storing datasets larger than 5GB in Arkivum storage.

University Petabyte Scale Storage

The university’s Petabyte Scale Storage can securely store large datasets – typically of greater than 500GB in size – in a cost-effective way while still maintaining a high level of data security and integrity.  Data are held on disk in a university data centre with two separate tape-based backups being held in other locations.  This storage builds the university’s archival storage capacity and service for researchers working with large data.  The cost of storing data in Petabyte Scale Storage is £40 per terabyte per year.


Access Options

Various access options can be supported, ranging from a simple click to download, to restricted access and embargo periods. Deciding which access to grant users will depend on licensing, ethical or other constraints and the size of the dataset.

Duration of Storage

In line with many funder requirements, the University advises that data should be accessible for a minimum of 10 years after the end of a grant. Our recommended phrasing for data management plans and applications for ethical approval is:

“The data will be stored in the Enlighten: Research Data repository for at least ten years”

The current EPSRC requirement for data storage is 10 years from the last point at which the data was accessed.

Enlighten: Research Data Deposit Costs

The cost of storing data in Enlighten: Research Data is £1800 per terabyte. This is a one-off deposit charge and guarantees secure data storage for ten years. This cost is likely to fall over time, so we recommend that you check for the updated current cost periodically in this document.   

Deposit Costs
Storage (GB)Cost (£)
0-5 Free
5-125 225
125-250 450
250-500 900
500-750 1350
750-1000 1800

It should also be straightforward to scale costs for datasets larger than one terabyte based on these figures. However, if in any doubt, please contact the RDM team for advice. 

For advice on including costs in funding applications, see Data Costs.

Deposit Process

To deposit data in Enlighten: Research Data:

  • Prepare your data for deposit by putting open access data and restricted data in separate zipped folders.
  • If your dataset contains a mix of licences it would also be useful to store these in separate folders so that the appropriate licence can be applied to the correct file(s).
  • Prepare a top-level Readme file and any other useful documentation (don’t Zip these!).
  • If you have one, include a blank consent form and participant information sheet.
  • Complete the Data Deposit Form and notify the RDM team that you intend to deposit data by emailing research-datamanagement@glasgow.ac.uk
  • If your deposited dataset will be over 5GB, notify us as early as possible to discuss costs.
  • For datasets up to 20GB please use the University File Transfer System to drop the files off.
  • For datasets larger than 20GB and smaller than 200GB please use OneDrive.
    • Option 1: use your own site and share a link with us.
    • Option 2: if option 1 is not possible for any reason, please email us and we will provide a folder for you to upload the data into.
  • For datasets larger that 200GB please get in touch to discuss alternative methods of transfer.

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