Data management videos

Tips and advice from a variety of researchers, data managers and service providers, to help with data management. 

'Sharing data: good for science, good for you'
Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS), Netherlands


What support needs to be provided to assist researchers with data management?
Dr Jonathan Tedds, Senior Research Liaison Manager, University of Leicester


Why should researchers use 'Enlighten' at the University of Glasgow?
William Nixon, Digital Library Development Manager, University of Glasgow


IT support available from computer officers in the College of Arts
Dave Beavan, English Language Computing Officer, College of Arts, University of Glasgow


How can choices about data capture open up, or limit, opportunities for researchers?
Graeme Earl, Archaeological Computing Research Group, University of Southampton


What should researchers do to help their data survive?
Dr Barry Smith, former professor of performance, Nottingham Trent University and creator of the Live Art Archive


Why should researchers share their data?
Stephen Gray, Bristol University


How can repositories and data centres help researchers?
Sharon McMeekin, Digital Preservation Coalition


Does the University ethics process affect the making and recording of artistic work?
Adrian Howells, theatre maker