Research Notebooks

Paper Notebooks

We have prepared some general guidance (PDF) on how to keep a paper-based laboratory (lab) notebook.

If you have paper notebooks that you need to store in accordance with data management requirements, we can help you to explore procedures and costs – email us at


Electronic Notebooks

We did some exploration of requirements for electronic research notebook tools.  Read the report here University of Glasgow Research Notebooks Case Study

Here is a paper about Electronic Research Notebooks written by one of our academics Do you call that a lab notebook?


You can use OneNote as a tool for research notes. It can be used with Microsoft team and other tools such as Zoom to faciltate collaboration.  Work is on-going to support researchers with this tool.  Here is a guide we have drafted. 

OneNote Research Notebook guidelines


We have purchased a small number of licences for RSpace.  If you are interested in this product please contact 

We ran a trial of an electronic research notebook tool RSpace Enterprise version from May to December 2019.  The goal was to understand researcher requirements better and inform University approach to selecting and supporting research notebook software.

Testers were invited to provide feedback and we will provide a report of the trial to the Director of Information Services for consideration of future central support for electronic research notebooks.

More about the University of Glasgow's activity around research notebooks can be found here:

Resources for RSpace

!Avoid using Internet Explorer and Edge browsers!

You can use the RSpace Community version for free.  This does not integrate with the broader research structure at Glasgow nor have the other features of the Enterprise version but may work perfectly well for a specific researcher or group.

Introductory resources:

 Further reading:


Researchers working with music, or engaged in composition, may find Com-Note useful. This tool was developed by the University of Surrey. For more information, see: