Funder Requirements

UK Research and Innovation (formerly RCUK) released its Common Principles on Data Policy in April 2011.  The principles emphasize the need to effectively manage and share research data.

A comprehensive list of the lastest funder Research Data Policies is available from the Digital Curation Centre's website.


EPSRC Check-list

When applying for funding from EPSRC, the following check-list will help you understand what you need to do.  The RDM team will help you comply with all aspects of your funder requirements - just contact us for advice and support.

Our draft roadmap describes how the University of Glasgow will work to conform to EPSRC expectations concerning the management and provision of access to EPSRC-funded research data between May 2012 and May 2015. The University of Glasgow's draft Research Data policy and UofG EPSRC Roadmap V3 will be piloted and evaluated incrementally from 2012-2015 to allow for iterative development and ongoing consultation with key researchers and University services (including support services at the School and College level as well as central services). Our incremental approach will ensure that our aims are realistically implementable and sustainable from May 2015 onward. The activities, roles and responsibilities described in the Roadmap will be piloted in selected schools/divisions where EPSRC funding is most active. This pilot period will provide us with detailed information regarding the range of operational and support-related costs and sustainability issues and will be used to inform wider testing of the Research Data policy and Roadmap across all Colleges and Schools. A list of The University of Glasgow's  EPSRC FAQs.