Flag of Malawi image courtesy of 4 International Flags.

Collection: African Lakes Co Ltd (GUAS Ref: UGC 193)

African Lakes Co Ltd was a commodity importing and exporting company that operated between 1878 and 2004, with offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London. Company trade focused on Nyasaland (modern day Malawi), and branched out to Ethiopia and South Africa in the 1970s.

The company undertook various trades and activities including commissioning Glasgow-built flat pack, flat bottomed ships that were then rebuilt in Nyasaland for use on the Zambezi to transport people and commodities; operating rubber, tea, coffee, cotton and tobacco plantations as well as agricultural land; exporting automobiles from the UK, acting as agents for Ford, Nissan and Austin Morris; operating local hotels, building companies, insurance agents and operating as electronics suppliers.

This image shows a selection of photographs taken at a newly opened store in Livingstone, Nyasaland,  including the grocery, drapery, shoe, outfitting and confectionary departments, 1950. (GUAS Ref: UGC 193/12/3 p42. Copyright reserved.)
View larger image (GUAS Ref: UGC 193/12/3 p42. Copyright reserved.)