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Collection: Charles Mann Fleming (GUAS Ref: DC 119)   

In the late 1950s, staff from the University's Veterinary School, led by Ian McIntyre, discovered on a working visit to Africa that many countries possessed almost no qualified veterinary surgeons.  With vast numbers of African people reliant on domestic animals for their livelihoods: and often for life itself: this was, they realised, potentially disastrous.

The Vet School took an initiative, backed by the University and the University of East Africa, Nairobi, and set up courses to educate African students to high standards in veterinary medicine and surgery.

The perfect bedside manner of the Glasgow team at Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya, 1966. (GUAS Ref: DC 119. Copyright reserved.)  
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The fully-fledged veterinary surgeons who graduated went on to occupy the most senior veterinary positions in Africa.   Following on from this innovative project a medical school was also founded in Nairobi by the University. (GUAS Ref: DC 119.  Copyright reserved.) For further information on the Charles Mann Fleming archive, please see the online catalogue.

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