IT support in halls of residence

IT support in halls of residence

Students living in our halls of residence will find Internet, IPTV and telephone services provided by Keycom, the chosen IT service provider for halls of residence.

Complete information regarding all services and setup is available at site reception desks and at

Telephone service (KeyTalk)

You will find a telephone handset in your room. On the telephone handset or socket you will find a telephone number (0141 xxx xxxx). This is your room's telephone number. If you can't locate this number, contact your site office who will be able to advise you of it.

Internet service (KeySurf)

To get connected, you will need to either have a working network interface card in your pc/laptop to connect to our wired service or connect to our dedicated site-wide Wi-Fi. If you choose to connect to the wired service, simply connect your computer to the network socket with an Ethernet cable and your computer should see the network and detect the Keysurf service. For wireless, connect to the "Keysurf" Wi-Fi network. Your device will detect the service automatically. Once connected, open up a web browser and you'll see the Keysurf welcome screen. From here you can register for a Keysurf account.

Upgrades to the baseline broadband speed are available for an additional cost.

IPTV service (KeyView)

KeySurf users get access to KeyView IPTV for high quality digital TV on your computer.

Hotspot service (KeyConnect )

KeySurf users can access our roaming wireless hotspots, with access to over 10,000 wireless hotspots across the UK.

To find out more information on any of the above services, please visit: