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Edwin Morgan: An Eardley On My Wall

This new online exhibition features artworks from the personal collection of Scottish poet Edwin Morgan (1920-2010) and marks the Edwin Morgan Centenary which launches on 27 April 2020 - Morgan's 100th birthday. #EdwinMorgan100

Edwin Morgan: An Eardley On My Wall

Alasdair Gray, Portrait of EM (Edwin Morgan) (1920-2010), 2003 - 2004. Courtesy The Alasdair Gray Archive.As the first named Scottish National Poet, or Scots Makar, Edwin Morgan was a national figure beloved by many. This year marks the centenary of Morgan’s birth, which makes cause for celebration and remembrance. While Morgan was known for his writings and poetry, this exhibition chose to delve deeper into who he was as a person, beyond the best known aspects of his life - to let the people get to know him in a more personal level.

Morgan had a lifelong interest in art - as both a maker and a collector. In this selection of paintings from his collection, three main themes important to his life are highlighted: creativity, national identity and sexuality. While this does not encompass all aspects of his life, as people are complex and multifaceted, this exhibit strives to bring these passions to the forefront to foster a sense of relatability. By being able to see which paintings he himself had hung in his living space, viewers are able to explore avenues of his interests that have not been widely seen.

Joan Eardley, Sweet Shop, Rotten Row, 1960 - 1961One painting in particular, Sweet Shop, Rotten Row by Joan Eardley, highlights his affection for both Glasgow as well as his fondness for the painter. His poem To Joan Eardley was inspired by the same painting that once decorated his wall.

The exhibition, developed for installation at the Hunterian Art Gallery in April 2020, has been devised and selected by Eleanor Capaldi, LGBTQ+ Project Assistant at The Hunterian, and Morgan Henderson, a Masters student in the College of Arts at the University of Glasgow. In the face of the significant challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, their determination to see through to completion the online delivery of their ambitious project, and to devise an accompanying programme of activities, has been remarkable. Overcoming the technical challenges of delivering this online exhibition in these extraordinary circumstances, colleagues at The Hunterian have broken new ground. In due course, The Hunterian looks forward to welcoming visitors once more - coming face to face with Edwin Morgan’s collection in person.


Alasdair Gray, Portrait of EM (Edwin Morgan) (1920-2010), 2003 - 2004.
Courtesy The Alasdair Gray Archive.
Joan Eardley, Sweet Shop, Rotten Row, 1960 - 1961. 
© Estate of Joan Eardley. All Rights Reserved, DACS 2020.

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Be Part of a Poem
April and May 2020

Submit your own written responses to the artworks featured in the Edwin Morgan: An Eardley On My Wall online exhibition and help to create a crowdsourced poem. Once we’ve gathered your contributions, our resident poet Calum Rodger will craft this crowdsourced poem in celebration of Morgan’s unique collection.

Find out more, including how to submit your responses on The Hunterian Blog site.

Entries open on 27 April and close on 29 May 2020. Visit the exhibition for inspiration!