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The structure of CIVIS reflects its aim to tackle major societal challenges of the 21st century, focused on five thematic challenges. 

Five academic hubs 
Five academic pillars or 'Hubs' were created to be the catalysts for interdisciplinary co-creation of educational pathways through innovative pedagogies and to foster multidisciplinary research projects.

Hubs drive the development of challenge-driven study programmes around the UN sustainable development goals. These programmes will provide our students with new skills and knowledge, and will develop their entrepreneurial mind-set to better prepare them to tackle society’s biggest challenges locally and globally. They will also develop students’ intercultural competences via physical, virtual and blended mobility and through the systematic creation of the programmes involving a minimum of three partners. 

CIVIS contacts for the University of Glasgow

To get involved in the Hub activities, contact the Hub Leaders for the University of Glasgow:  

Working Groups and Task Forces are in place to support specific actions and to ensure a consistency of approach across the Alliance.

To get involved in the Working Groups or Task Forces activities, contact the following colleagues at the University of Glasgow:  

Other initiatives:  

Student Council - SRC - Vice President Education

Student Ambassadors - Michela Stasio

CIVIS Orchestra - Dr Eva Moreda Rodriguez  

RIS4CIVIS (Horizon 2020 research project) and CIVIS3I (Marie Curie Sklodowska post-doctoral Fellowships) - Joe Galloway & team monitor opportunities for research. 

Collaborate and Co-create

Mapping Research Strategies across CIVIS

The project RIS4CIVIS supports the research and innovation (R&I) dimension of the CIVIS Alliance. It is an integral part of our long-term strategy, working in synergy with our educational activities. 

In the first phase we have produced an inventory of the current practices and resources available within each CIVIS Alliance member university, as well as the legal, political or financial barriers for research and innovation. The first results have been compiled in a global report, which will inspire the next phase of the project: consensus-building. Read the report.

Co-creation of interdisciplinary educational pathways

The co-creation of interdisciplinary educational pathways through innovative pedagogies along 5 thematic challenges embodied by the Alliance’s hubs is one of the cornerstones in the development of an inter-university digital campus: 

  • Hub1: Climate, environment and energy 
  • Hub 2: Society, culture, heritage. 
  • Hub 3:  Health 
  • Hub 4: Cities, territories and mobilities 
  • Hub 5: Digital and Technological transformation 

In responding to the calls, academic colleagues will have the opportunity to work with at least 2 other CIVIS partners to deliver challenge-driven study programmes to better prepare students to tackle society’s biggest challenges locally and globally.  

Find below the list of CIVIS Call for Projects with their submission deadlines:   

  • OPEN - Call for Blended Intensive Programmes: 15 November 2022, link

Contact the CIVIS project manager, Celine Reynaud for further information or assistance in identifying CIVIS partners. 

Open Labs

Conceived as open and collaborative spaces, CIVIS Open Labs are to act as catalyst for challenge-based education by bringing together a diversity of actors to discuss local needs and challenges and co-design solutions to societal issues.

Find out about CIVIS Open Labs.

Glasgow’s Open Lab team: 

Small Grant Fund was launched in May 2022 in collaboration with the GCPH to invite community-led projects. 10 projects were shortlisted on 24 June 2022.

Mentorship and support will be offered to all proposals to ensure mutually-beneficial connections between local communities and our University communities.

Keep checking this page for updates on projects or get in touch with the Open Lab team.



Why not organise a CIVIS Disciplinary meeting to find out more about the CIVIS community in your area of research, around teaching collaborations, student exchanges, etc.? There is no set format and the CIVIS Project Manager will assist you in the organisation of the meeting. 

Contact the CIVIS project manager, Celine Reynaud for further information. 

Share your research

The Cups&Cakes webinar series is the opportunity to present your research in the friendly environment of the CIVIS community. 

The webinar session typically lasts an hour and is structured as follows: 

  • A 40-minutes presentation of current research work chosen by the speaker (including a 5-minute introduction of general expertise and work in progress within the university on the topic of interest). 
  • Open discussion of about 20 minutes. 

These meetings take place on Wednesdays 11h00 to 12h00, every two weeks. 

To take part, contact Julie Hyzewicz, RIS4CIVIS project manager:

Share your experience in Learning & Teaching

Contribute to the Innovative Pedagogies Workshops seriesThese are aimed at academics from all fields of expertise, with a view to share expertise in higher education teaching & learning and to stimulate pedagogical innovation. 

Propose a workshop or training course via the CIVIS Academy to share your professional experience, knowledge and skills with your CIVIS peers.

Contact the CIVIS project manager, Celine Reynaud for further information. 

CIVIS organisational chart