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Discuss Smith's ideas in The Theory of Moral Sentiments

Welcome to The Theory of Moral Sentiments Global Reading Group.

In this group, you will have the opportunity to read Smith’s great work of moral philosophy and discuss his ideas and their relevance to our world. Smith’s compelling analysis of how human beings experience moral judgment and how they come to develop a conscience and pursue virtue is one of the great works of moral philosophy.

Through 7 sessions over 14 weeks, you’ll be given the space to explore Smith’s ideas. The first live Zoom session will start on Tuesday, 5th of March and will continue fortnightly.

This group is open to all levels – no prior experience in reading Smith or philosophy is required. In this section of the University of Glasgow, Adam Smith website, you will be able to access a video introduction to the text in each part of this seven-part course, alongside discussion questions, further reading, helpful notes, and commentary from leading Adam Smith scholars.

The online discussion sessions hosted by Professor Craig Smith will allow you to share your thoughts on Smith’s ideas and further inform your reading.

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