Global online reading group

A reading group for academics, alumni, students, and the public to join together as a global community.

Discuss Smith's ideas in the Wealth of Nations.

This global reading group provides the opportunity for academics, alumni, students, and the public to join together as a global community to read and discuss Smith’s work through examining the Wealth of Nations. ​

Our aim is to encourage academics, students, business leaders, policymakers and the general public to read Adam Smith in 2023, to reflect on his writings and to debate his relevance for today.

By engaging with a more holistic understanding of Adam Smith's ideas, specifically those surrounding commerce and virtue, each of the sessions will provide the opportunity for participants to come to better understand the interdependent and mutually reinforcing nature of morals and markets. All of those taking part have the opportunity to access a set of online resources and questions for discussion to support reading groups.

More about the global reading group

Alongside these online resources, we support participants in coordinating the establishment of timezone-sensitive reading groups to discuss Smith’s writings at key international partner institutions.

Outputs from these 'local' reading groups are shared with the global reading group through various discussion forms/online videos etc. Participating groups also have the opportunity to contribute their own short videos offering reflections of Smith’s works and implications for current debates.

The group started reading on 9 February 2023 but is still accepting new members.


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How it works

This video explains how to sign up and familiarise yourself with the online platform the group uses (called Perusall)and introduces how the reading group operates.

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