Pandas: It’s not all Black and White

Monday 3rd May 2021, 7pm

Speaker: Iain Valentine

Venue: via Zoom. 
Meeting ID: 990 8489 3926
Password: 634714

The charismatic giant panda is a global conservation icon and the symbol of the World Wildlife Fund and for good reason. After decades of successful conservation work in China , wild panda numbers are starting to recover, but they remain at risk. Human activities continue to be the biggest threats to their survival. An extensive giant panda nature reserve network exists, but one-third of all wild pandas live outside of protected areas in small, isolated populations. However, as a result of the holistic way in which both the captive and wild population of pandas are managed in China that provides hope that this ancient fossil species has an opportunity to continue to thrive and grow in numbers.

Pandas typically lead a solitary life. They're excellent tree climbers, but they spend most of their time feeding. They can eat for 14 hours a day, mainly bamboo, which is 99% of their diet (though they sometimes eat eggs or small animals too).
Their biology is unique within the mammal world. The science helping to safeguard this species is still discovery new and remarkable facts which is then helping us to refine our management of their wild habitat and open up new possibilities for future conservation work.

Giant pandas are living proof that conservation works. And even better, by protecting pandas we’re also helping protect the wider environment where they live, for all the wildlife and the people that depend on it.

In this talk we shall touch on all of the known and lesser well know fact surrounding this endearing, complex much loved species.

Iain Valentine DSc CBiol BSc FRSB FLS is Director of Zoocraft Limited, a professional Zoo and Aquaria Consultancy Company, working principally with established and new zoo and aquaria projects.

Previously while at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland he held various senior positions within the organisation over the 15 years he was with the organisation, latterly as the Director of Giant Panda Programme and Senior Policy Advisor.

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