Miriam Payne standing on boat with flares

Record-breaking rower

Record-breaking rower

In February 2023 Glasgow graduate Miriam Payne (BSc 2021) set a new record for rowing solo across the Atlantic

Miriam made the 3,000-mile voyage from the Canary Islands to Antigua & Barbuda in 59 days, 16 hours and 13 minutes, setting a new Atlantic Rowing Challenge record.

Known as the world’s toughest row, the Atlantic Challenge is one of the most demanding endurance events on the planet.

Rowing alone for almost 18 hours per day for two months, Miriam had to battle 40ft waves and sleep deprivation, and was pushed to her physical and psychological limits.

Miriam trained for three years to get ready for the race, and the Chancellor’s Fund provided financial support of £5,000 towards the costs of the navigation and power sources required for such a journey.

Throughout the challenge Miriam used the platform to raise awareness and funds for two charities, Wellbeing of Women and Mind.

“I hope to raise sufficient funds to contribute to a research grant into earlier detection of ovarian cancer. Women’s health research is a typically underfunded area, and I feel passionately about redressing the balance and supporting fellow women.

“For Mind UK, I hope to be able to make a positive contribution to their campaign of providing support and care for all mental illnesses. I am particularly inspired by their RTHM (Rowing Together for Healthy Minds) campaign, encouraging people to get involved in sport and community for the betterment of their mental health and wellbeing.”

Images: Atlantic Campaigns, Penny Bird