College of Social Sciences PhD Scholarship

There will again be up to a number of full (3 year) PhD scholarships available to begin in session in 2019/20. These are open to full-time and part-time, Overseas and Home/EU PhD applicants or current College of Social Sciences PhD students with a start date after 1st September 2018. 

The Scholarship competition will be focused on supervisor-led proposals.

The following approach will apply:

The main purpose of the Scholarship scheme is to attract the very best students to Glasgow to work on deliverable projects in a high quality environment characterised by a supportive and active research community.

The College scholarship competition will be supervisor-led.  It is supervisors who apply for these, not students.  This, however, does not mean that individual supervisors cannot or should not work with, or respond to interest from, a talented student to develop the proposal.  Such co-creation may be essential, but the critical element is that supervisors must be fully engaged in the development of the project, and they must understand that they have ownership over the proposal.  Scholarships will be awarded to the project, not to the student.

It follows that one important aspect of the assessment process is that the project should be deliverable within the funded period.


Applications should be made by academic staff via the Application portal ( Applications will be made, in the first instance, to the Graduate School.  They will then be sent out to the Schools, to be considered in a School Assessment Panel, organised and chaired by the School PGR lead. Schools, in identifying those proposals selected for shortlisting, should have cognisance of the outcomes and commentary of the Interim REF reviews.  Schools will then forward their highest ranked proposals to the College Assessment Panel.  Schools will bring shortlisted applications to the College Assessment Panel (Chaired by the Dean of Graduate Studies) in the following numbers:

School Number of shortlisted projects
Adam Smith Business School 15
School of Social and Political Sciences 15
School of Education 10
School of Law 8
School of Interdisciplinary Studies 5

While we will seek to spread the awards across the College, fixed quotas will not apply: quality and ranking will be the determining factors.  It is very unlikely that individual supervisors (or identical supervisory teams) will be awarded more than one scholarship.


Process Date
Supervisors submit proposal to Graduate School 11 January 2019
School Assessment Panels provide shortlists to Graduate School 08 February 2019
College Assessment Panel meets and considers awards 22 February 2019
Successful Projects informed TBC Early March

Successful projects will then be invited to work with the Graduate School to rectruit high-quality students to their projects. 

Applications to individual projects 30 April 2019
Award of scholarships to students 31 May

If projects are unable to recruit a student by 31 May, they will lose the scholarship, and we will move to the reserve list.