A to Z of Remits

College of Social Sciences Contacts 
Academic skills support (taught postgraduate students) Dr Gayle Pringle Barnes
Admissions (postgraduate research) Admissions (MRIO)
Advertising (staff recruitment) Local Resourcing Co-ordinator
Advertising (scholarships, programmes) - external Mrs Laura Macfadyen
Advising (undergraduate - administration of MA Social Sciences only) Ms Liz Turner / Mrs Fiona Webster
Affiliate appointments (see also Honorary appointments) College PA
Appeals (undergraduate students) Mrs Fiona Webster
Appeals (postgraduate students) Mr Billy Howie
Bequests Director of College Professional Services
Budgets (see also Finance) Ms Jennifer Davies
Certificates of Admission to Study (CAS) – all extension requests to UG, PGR and PGT Tier 4 visas Ms Linda Thomson 
Chief Advisers See UG Advisers of Studies
College Council College PA
College Management Group College PA
Commercial Contracts Director of College Professional Services
Committees See Committees
Complaints (students) Senate Office
Computing labs See Computer Clusters
Corporate Plan Director of College Professional Services
Diary - Head of College College PA
Diary - Director of Professional Services College PA
E-learning Mr John Kerr
Employability Dr Dickon Copsey
Endowments Director of College Professional Services
Equipment bid Director of College Professional Services
Enlighten Research Office
English language support (postgraduate students) Dr Gayle Pringle Barnes
ESRC (DTC) queries - applications, award letters and payment of stipends Mr William Shirriffs
Estates Director of College Professional Services
Ethics Applications (PGR Students and Staff) Miss Jennifer Porch
Ethics Committee Mrs Terri Hume
Extension to thesis submission requests (postgraduate research) Catherine Murphy
External examiners (postgraduate research) - appointment Catherine Murphy
External Examiner - fees and expenses See School contacts
Finance Ms Jennifer Davies
Freedom of Information College PA
Graduate School Board (see also Committees) Dr Duncan Ross
Graduate School Researcher Development Programme (Events) Miss Jennifer Porch
Graduate School Research Training Programme Miss Jennifer Porch
Graduations (postgraduate research) Catherine Murphy
Honorary appointments (see also Affiliate appointments) College PA
Human Resources (College enquiries excluding recruitment) College HR Team
Human Resources (recruitment) Local Resourcing Co-ordinator
Inductions - MA (Social Sciences) only Mrs Fiona Webster 
Inductions (undergraduate students) - Law, Education, Interdisciplinary Studies See School contacts
Internationalisation Ms Angela Melley
International students Dr Gayle Pringle Barnes
IT support See College IT Services
Kelvin Smith Scholarships Mr William Shirriffs
Knowledge Exchange Mr Des McNulty
MA (Social Sciences) and Chief Adviser's Office Ms Liz Turner
Marketing and Conversion Mrs Laura Macfadyen
Memoranda of Understanding / Agreements / Partnerships Ms Angela Melley
On Course Enquiries (postgraduate research) Ms Linda Thomson
Open Days - MA (Social Sciences) only Mrs Fiona Webster
Performance & Development Review (P&DR) College HR Team
PIP Programme and course approval process (undergraduate) Mrs Fiona Webster
PIP Programme and course approval process (postgraduate)  Mr Billy Howie
Progress Committee (undergraduate) See Progess Committees
Progress Reviews (postgraduate research) Ms Linda Thomson
Project Approval Forms (PAFs)  Research Office
Promotions See Human Resources
Quality Assurance Prof Tom Guthrie
Recognition & Reward See Human Resources
Recruitment (students) Mrs Laura Macfadyen
Recruitment (staff) Local Resourcing Co-ordinator
Researcher Development Programme Miss Jennifer Porch
Research Excellence Framework (REF) Research Office
Research grant management Mr Craig Elmer-White
Research impact Dr Carlos Galan-Diaz
Research training support grant (RTSG) queries See School contacts
Research training and induction (postgraduate research) Miss Jennifer Porch
Scholarship (College) - applications and payment queries Mr William Shirriffs
Sickness absence reporting (College administration) Line managers
Strategic research allocation Prof Sally Wyke
Student data (eg student numbers, completion rates) Planning, Insights & Analytics
PlaStudent mobility / study abroad Prof John Finlay
Student representation (committees) - undergraduate Mrs Fiona Webster
Student representation (committees) - postgraduate Mr Billy Howie
Study leave  Research Office
Supervisor training Ms Catherine Murphy
Suspension of study requests (postgraduate research) Ms Linda Thomson
Thesis submission and examination (postgraduate research) Ms Catherine Murphy
Tier 4 Attendance Monitoring Tier 4 Team
UK Borders Agency matters (staff) College HR Team
UK Borders Agency matters (students) Ms Linda Thomson 
Undergraduate Boards of Studies (see also Committees) Mrs Fiona Webster
Undergraduate Learning & Teaching Committee Mrs Fiona Webster
Vivas (postgraduate research) Ms Catherine Murphy
Website (Graduate School and Student Funding Opportunities) Graduate School