Computer clusters

Computer clusters

Information about our computer clusters in the Main Building, St Andrew's Building and Stair Building will be added in due course.

Adam Smith Building


Labs A & B, together with the computing technicians' office, are located within Room 912.
Lab L is in Room 1113.  Lab M is in Room 1105.
A small number of CSCE computers are also available in the Adam Smith Library.

Student user eligibility

Use of the Social Sciences computer clusters located in the Adam Smith Building is restricted to:

  • Students registered in the College of Social Sciences;
  • Students from other Colleges who are currently enrolled on a Social Sciences course. Such students may use the labs solely for work relating to the Social Sciences courses they are studying.

Use of Lab L (Room 1113) is normally restricted to postgraduates registered in the College of Social Sciences.

Students may be asked to present their Student ID cards.

Opening hours

 Semester Teaching Weeksrest of year
Monday to Thursday  09:00 to 21:00  09:00 to 16:45
Friday  09:00 to 16:45  09:00 to 16:45
Saturday & Sunday  closed  closed

Students should leave the building promptly after the labs close as the building is closed a few minutes later.

Individual labs are opened and closed depending upon demand and the requirements for teaching and maintenance. The safety and security of students and equipment is also taken into consideration.

The labs are closed on University holidays and between Christmas and New Year. Labs may close early on the last working day before a holiday.

Lab etiquette

Please be considerate of others around you and, in particular, please note the following basic rules:

  • Computers may not be reserved. Once logged in, maximum time you be away from lab is 10 minutes
  • Take any conversations outside, onto the stairwell
  • Switch mobile phones off
  • Headphones must not be able to be heard by anyone else 
  • No food (including crisps & other snacks) is permitted
  • No drink (other than water in push/pull cap bottle) is permitted
  • Place unwanted paper in the recycling box
  • Place other rubbish in the waste bin
  • Never leave valuables unattended
    (Lost property - check at the technicians' office R909 and at the janitors' R210)
  • No downloading or playing of computer games
  • No downloading of illegal copies of copyright material (music, films etc.)


  • CSCE 7
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7
  • Office suites: OpenOffice 3, Microsoft Office 2010
    includes Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word
  • Web browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Assisted software includes: MindGenius 3
  • Other software includes: AMOS 18, EViews 7, Google SketchUp 8, Mathematica 8, Matlab 2012a, Minitab 15, NVivo 10, OxMetrics 6, R 2.15, Reference Manager 12, SPSS 19
  • Software with restricted availability includes: ARGUS Developer, City CAD, C++, Stata 12, Visual Investor


The University's IT regulations expressly prohibit the use of the University's IT equipment & infrastructure to access, to attempt to access, or to distribute material of a pornographic or criminal or offensive nature. Breaches will be subject to investigation and may result in disciplinary action and, in the event of contravention of legislation, referral to the police.