Zoomposium 30: 20 January 2023

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Dr Lina Mohjazi, James Watt School of Engineering

‘Green and Self-Sustainable Wireless Communication Systems’

My research interests are on the theoretical performance modelling and optimisation of green and energy-efficient technologies for 5G/6G wireless communication systems. This includes simultaneous wireless information and power transfer and reconfigurable intelligent surfaces. My research also covers the application of machine learning for smart and autonomous wireless networks, and I currently lead a group of PhD students who work on those fields. Apart from this, I am also truly fascinated with exploring how 5G connectivity can support the development of assistive healthcare and beauty systems and have recently recruited a PhD student to work on this cross-disciplinary topic.  

I am keen to collaborate with colleagues working in the areas of energy-aware wireless systems, IoTs, data analytics, image processing, experimental deployments, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and social sciences for joint PhD supervision and grant writing.  


Prof Stephen Sweeney, James Watt School of Engineering

‘Novel Semiconductor Photonic Devices and Applications: Energy, Comms, Sensing and Space’

This presentation will summarise the activities of our group in developing new approaches to semiconductor photonic materials and devices to reduce energy demands in optical comms, through to new functionalities and applications such as wireless optical power beaming.


Dr Dimitra Achillopoulou, James Watt School of Engineering

‘Adaptation of structures based on metrics’

I have always been fascinated by structures resistant to time and all the different conditions. My structural background includes investigation on transfer mechanism of Reinforced Concrete structures, strengthening with Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP), monitoring of structural performance with guided waves and fiber optics. Lately I am focusing on a methodology that quantified and correlates different factors to quantify resilience and sustainability in a straightforward method, so decisions are driven for adaptation (bridges, buildings). I am interested in creating new collaboration regarding the digitalisation of structures to inform decision making, inclusion of capital investment in the methodology and probabilities for events/hazards. I am keen to work on joint proposals with researchers from CoSE to open new areas of research.


First published: 12 January 2023