Develop your research at the University of Glasgow

Research Fellowships offer individuals the opportunity and resources to become leaders in their chosen field. The College of Science and Engineering at the University of Glasgow provides an excellent and collegiate environment to undertake a Fellowship, with a vibrant and supportive community of existing fellows spread across our seven Schools. The University houses world-leading research facilities and is in the midst of a major estate re-development, including the Advanced Research Centre (ARC) – a £113 million investment specifically designed to break down organisational structures and facilitate collaboration across the University.

Furthermore, our flagship Lord Kelvin Adam Smith (LKAS) Leadership Fellowship Scheme offers significant support for those applying for externally funded fellowships. Up to £100k is available per candidate for salary match-funding (where required by the external scheme) or as a flexible research support grant. The College Research Support team will also work with you on your application through one of the Research Development Managers.

Have a look at our research themes and groups. If you hold, or are applying for an external fellowship (e.g. Royal Society, STFC ERF, EPSRC…) and think that the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Glasgow could support and develop your research career please look at the process for external applicants to undertake your fellowship at Glasgow.



What we're offering

  • Leadership Fellowship funding is provided to supplement externally funded fellowships, specifically where match-funding is required or where additional support would strongly benefit the external fellowship application. 
  • External Fellowships leveraged by Leadership Fellowship funds must have a minimum duration of three years.
  • Leadership Fellows will be offered salary match-funding and/or a research support grant, up to a maximum value of £100k.
  • Fellows will be appointed a mentor and will be entitled to participate in any of the training programmes and courses offered by the School/Institute, College or University.
  • To support development, Fellows will set annual SMART objectives with their line managers.
  • Prior to the end of the Fellowship, Fellows will meet with their line managers to discuss possible opportunities for continuing posts.

Who we're looking for

  • Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria for the relevant externally-funded fellowship. Additionally, applicants will be expected to demonstrate an outstanding capacity for innovative research and have a strong publications record (specifically, to have identified 4* outputs post-2013).
  • The University of Glasgow welcomes those returning to work after a period of absence or those who require a flexible working pattern, and supports schemes such as The Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowships and The Daphne Jackson Trust Fellowships.
  • All applicants will be judged against equivalent quality thresholds, with a focus on contribution to future REF exercises at the 4* quality level.
  • Funding is available to potential Fellows in the process of applying to an external scheme who intend to undertake their research at the University. Alternatively, Leadership funds may be committed to support an external candidate already holding an external fellowship at another institution who wishes to transfer their fellowship to the University. 
  • In specific circumstances, previous holders of LKAS Fellowships will be eligible for Fully Funded Fellowships. Contact the relevant College Research Office with any queries regarding eligibility.‌

How to apply

  • Recruitment will be through an open call.
  • Applicants should approach the PI or Head of School in the first instance.
  • Applications must be made using the relevant Leadership Fellow application form (see below) and must be submitted by the relevant College Office, following discussions with the relevant College academics, no later than three weeks prior to the external deadline to allow time for review.
  • The applicant's CV should be submitted with the Leadership Fellow application form. 
  • Following confirmation of eligibility, formal approval to commit funding will be sought from the Vice Principal (Research) and Senior Vice Principal.
Leadership Fellow Fund Application_Applying for External Fellowship

For applicants applying for externally-funded fellowships (Leadership Fellow applications must be made in conjunction with the external application and submitted no later than 3 weeks prior to the external deadline). 
Updated 22 January 2016

Leadership Fellow Fund Application_Holding External Fellowship

For external applicants, who are currently holding or have been awarded an externally-funded fellowship and wish to undertake their research at the University of Glasgow.
Updated 22 January 2016


  • For general queries on the LKAS Fellowships, please contact Kristy Bremner (Research Planning Manager) in the Research, Strategy & Innovation Office.
  • For College-specific queries, please contact the relevant College Research Office.
  • For information about research expertise in the Colleges, please see the College links below.
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