Blockchain-themed Zoomposium 1: 2 November 2022

Published: 19 October 2022

Prof Lei ZHANG: 'Blockchain-enabled Privacy-preserving Data Sharing and Trading' Prof Cathy Yi-Suan CHEN: ‘Blockchain adoption and Winners take all’

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Prof Lei Zhang, James Watt School of Engineering

Blockchain-enabled Privacy-preserving Data Sharing and Trading’ 

My research interests are in distributed systems, blockchain and wireless communications/5G/6G. The research covers fundamental algorithm and protocol design to implementations, and proof-of-concept such as Beeptrace, BeSharing, and Pristine. I am also interested in the standardisation of network protocols. I seek collaborations with people with expertise in cybersecurity, cryptography, software engineering, and social sciences that are relevant to these advanced technologies.  We plan to create a non-profitable blockchain platform for data exchange and sharing for IoT devices. I plan to submit cross-disciplinary grants on this topic together with engineers, computer scientists and researchers in social science. 

Watch Blockchain-themed Zoomposium1 here (Passcode: EKS4.^Q@)

Prof Cathy Yi-Hsuan Chen, Adam Smith Business School, CoSS

‘Blockchain adoption and Winners take all

My research interests are generally in the field of digital economics in connection with modern data science analytics, methodological invention, and the implementation of estimation. Inventing modern data science analytics empowers the data retrieved in the decentralised platform or marketplace. There is a need to develop modern statistics and data analytic methods for exploiting privacy-preserving data in Blockchain. Seekin collaborations in Blockchain-enable technology, artificial intelligence, data sharing protocol, social AI, DLT platform and design, information exchange and sharing. ESRC and EPSRC proposals are aimed. The key will be a synergy between economics and DLT knowledge and applications. 


First published: 19 October 2022