Zoomposium 24: 15 December 2021

Published: 25 November 2021

Dr Marwa MAHMOUD: 'Vision-based AI for Human & Animal Behaviour Understanding' Dr Katarzyna KOWAL: 'Fluids: from Geophysics to Engineering' Dr Ahmad TAHA: ‘What You Want for Tomorrow is What You Do Today: Our role as a community!’

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Dr Marwa Mahmoud, School of Computing Science

‘Vision-based AI for Human & Animal behaviour understanding’

My research interests focus on computer vision for social signal processing and multimodal signal processing, especially within the context of affective computing, behaviour analytics, human behaviour understanding and animal behaviour understanding. I've applied my research in the areas of automotive applications, mental healthcare, and animal welfare. I've led research directions on affective gestures analysis (especially hand-over-face gestures and self-adaptors/ fidgeting) as well as vision-based AI for automatic detection of signs of pain in the facial expressions of sheep for early diagnosis of disease. I am interested in ‘AI for Social Good’, combining computer vision research with health for human well-being and animal welfare applications.


Dr Katarzyna Kowal, School of Mathematics and Statistics

Fluids: from geophysics to engineering’

I am an applied mathematician interested in the mathematical modelling and analysis of a broad range of industrial, environmental and geophysical processes. Many involve the dynamics of viscous fluids on various scales, ranging from the small scales of melt pools in 3D printing environments to the large scales of glacial ice sheets, such as Greenland and Antarctica. I am interested in forming partnerships with researchers across all fields in which viscous fluids and/or phase change plays a role, such as materials science and engineering, geophysics and biology. 


Dr Ahmad Taha, James Watt School of Engineering

‘What you want for tomorrow is what you do today: Our role as a community!’

Who doesn’t want a better tomorrow? a rhetorical question of course because we all do. But what is it that we can do, as experts in our fields but also as caring human beings? My main research interests and focus are on the utilisation of wireless technology, the Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence to develop intelligent energy management systems to promote green behaviour and work towards Net-Zero. I have special appreciation for multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research, and I am always on the lookout for collaborators from across the University and the industry.


First published: 25 November 2021