Zoomposium 22: 25 August 2021

Published: 27 July 2021

Dr Yehia ELKHATIB: ‘Would Anyone Think of the Application Deployers?’ Dr Luke DALY: ‘An atoms eye view of the formation of the solar system’ Dr Charchit KUMAR: ‘Contact mechanics of bio-inspired systems’

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Dr Yehia Elkhatib, School of Computing Science

‘Would Anyone Think of the Application Deployers?’

My research interest lies in managing the uncertainty in deploying applications on different infrastructures, such as cloud data centres and edge devices. I have expertise in developing data-driven decision-making systems to support software maintainers and service operators. As I prefer to follow an applied and experimental approach, I am always on the lookout for collaborators with applications that stand to benefit from my research. I would be looking to target medium-to-long term funding opportunities in collaboration with mixed stakeholders.


Dr Luke Daly, School of Geographical and Earth Sciences

‘An atoms eye view of the formation of the solar system’

I look at the very small to understand the very big. My research focusses on understanding how our Solar System formed 4.567 Billion years ago. To achieve this, I study primitive meteorites and samples returned to Earth from asteroids by sample return missions e.g Hayabusa2 from cm-atomic scales utilising correlative microscopy and specialise in advanced high-resolution advanced techniques including atom probe tomography. I also operate the UK Fireball Network that helped recover the Winchcombe meteorite. I am interested in collaborating with astronomers, material scientists, numerical modellers and people working on space missions, as well as anyone interested in space.


Dr Charchit Kumar, James Watt School of Engineering

Contact mechanics of bio-inspired systems’

I joined the University of Glasgow as a Research Associate in the School of Engineering in April 2021. I obtained my joint PhD in the field of bio-inspired contact mechanics at Freiburg Center for Interactive Materials and Bioinspired Technologies, University of Freiburg (Germany) and Institut Charles Sadron (CNRS), University of Strasbourg (France). My research interests include tribology, contact mechanics, soft polymers, mechanical characterization, biological interfaces, surface texturing, high-precision mechanical instrumentation, and structural mechanics. My current research projects focus on the exploration of materials and contact mechanics aspects of triboelectric nanogenerator systems. I am open to any collaboration opportunities, especially in the area of micro/nano-fabrication, biomechanics, biomaterials, functional interfaces, and tribology.

First published: 27 July 2021