Zoomposium 15: 28 January 2021

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Dr Finlay Walton, James Watt School of Engineering

‘Wirelessly powered implantable neural optogenetic devices for the treatment of neurological disorders’

I am an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Research Fellow working on a wirelessly powered neural probe for optogenetics, with an emphasis on nanofabricating and optimising µLEDs to act as low-power and efficient light sources. My expertise lies in nanofabrication, optical manipulation and nucleation. I would love to speak about collaborations to anyone who has skills/interests in (but not limited to!):

  • Growing III-V semiconductor crystals
  • Working with rhodopsins proteins for optogenetics experiments
  • Treatment of neurological disorders e.g. epilepsy

..and anyone who has an application for state of the art blue µLEDs!

In the near future I will be seeking a fully funded fellowship as well as other grants for equipment/consumables to help realise my research vision.


Dr Dezong Zhao, James Watt School of Engineering

‘Towards safe and trustworthy autonomous systems’

I joined University of Glasgow in December 2020 as a Senior Lecturer in Autonomous Systems. Holding a PhD in Automation at Tsinghua University, my research background covers engine control, hybrid vehicles and autonomous driving. My main research interest falls in developing safe and trustworthy autonomous systems. To make this realistic, autonomous systems have to be interpretable, adaptable, verifiable and robust. The goals would be achieved by developing transparent and reliable theories and tools in perception, decision making, modelling and control. This work is supported by the EPSRC Innovation Fellowship and the Royal Society-Newton Advanced Fellowship.

I am keen to collaborate with wide cohorts of colleagues from computing, control, communication, electronics, manufacturing, mathematics and more general areas.


Dr Roisin Buckley, James Watt School of Engineering

 ‘Offshore wind turbine foundation design: insights from recent research and routes toward improved offshore site characterization’

Róisín’s main research field is experimental geotechnics, with a particular focus on field pile testing, cyclic loading effects, high strain dynamic pile testing, site characterisation and laboratory experiments. Her research aims to understand the mechanics of and improve the design of foundations for onshore and offshore applications

First published: 21 January 2021