Graduate School Training Opportunities

Your research experience is about more than the research programme itself. It is also about the opportunity to work with your peers and to engage in training which provides skills which are essential to a successful researcher at the various stages of your career.

Students should be engaging in the equivalent of at least 10 days (70 hours) transferable skills training and development per year in years 1 and 2 of their PhD (pro rata for PT students). For MSc(Res) students, you should identify what training is useful to you in consultation with your supervisor, but the 10 days expectation is not in place.

Employers often ask candidates to reflect on the skills they have developed and the training they have undertaken during their PhD. It is therefore important that PGR students actively engage in the programme and in determining the best ways to develop their skills.



PGR students are expected to undertake the equivalent of 10 days (70 hours) of wider training and development activity each year in their first and second year, including courses which must be completed in the first year of studies:

  • Research Integrity
  • Equality and Diversity Essentials
  • Information Security Awareness
  • Introduction to Research Data Management

Mandatory courses are located in the Self Study area of the Activities page. To access these courses, click on the relevant Activity, and follow the link to external booking to arrive at the Course Moodle page. For your records, use the self-certification option to mark the Activity as complete once you have completed the Course through Moodle.



Researcher Development Opportunities

Students can also participate in external development opportunities which count towards their total hours of training activities. This can include:

  • Workshops organised by the University (including by your School, Graduate School and Centre for Doctoral Training)
  • Conference attendance
  • ​Departmental seminars
  • Public engagement opportunities
  • ​Student representation
  • Organising meetings/events

Find out more at Development for PGRs.

College of Science and Engineering Optional Courses can be found here.




Workshops offered by the University of Glasgow are hosted through the Inkpath platform.

Inkpath allows you to sign up for courses offered across the university. It also allows you to record external training opportunities such as conference attendance to track your training development.

Should you have any further training needs not currently addressed by our programme, or any further questions, please contact the Graduate School (


Induction October 2023

Monday 2 - Friday 6 October 2023

Our PGR Induction offers students the opportunity to hear more about our training requirements and the new Inkpath system, as well as need to know information on starting your PhD at the University of Glasgow.