PhD and EngD students pay £270 as they enter their writing-up or ‘thesis pending’ period of study (this occurs after their funding has ceased, so either at 36, 42 or 48 months depending on your funding) and then receive a 50% refund if they submit within six months. A Thesis Pending Report should be submitted in order that the Graduate School can update your status.

Students will only be charged one thesis pending fee unless it is considered that they need continued support from their supervisor which is above what would reasonably be expected for a writing-up student (this will be decided on a case by case basis but will likely only affect students who are considerably behind in their studies).

MSc (Res) students are not normally liable to pay a thesis pending fee unless their requirement for supervision is greater than would normally be expected following the end of the usual period of study.

If you have paid a thesis pending fee and submit within six months the College will arrange for 50% of this fee to be returned to you. 

Submitting your thesis

All research students should submit the Notice of Intention to Submit a Thesis for a Higher Degree by Research (Intention to Submit Form) no later than three months in advance of their completion date. This form initiates the identification and appointment of a committee of examiners for each thesis and, where appropriate, allows an interval for the Graduate School to investigate and resolve any concerns affecting timely submission. Recommendations for the appointment of examiners are made on behalf of the University Senate and examination of the thesis cannot commence until formal approval of the nominees. 

A late submission fee is imposed on any candidate who fails to submit his or her thesis within the prescribed timescale, as detailed in the University Calendar.

Students should consult the Guidelines on Thesis Submission for information on the submission process and the binding requirements for the final hardbound thesis. Students should also consult the Guidance Notes on the University Regulations for PhD.

It is important to check the requirements for the electronic version of your thesis before you reach the point of submission. 

Data Management

Research students should adhere to the university ‘Good Research Data Management’ policy: https://www.gla.ac.uk/media/media_555894_en.pdf.  

The University and most finding bodies now require researchers who collect data of some sort as part of their work to write a Data Management Plan (DMP).  The University recommends that researchers use DMPonline, a flexible work-based tool, to create DMPs.  For guidance on using DMPonline and an introduction to data management researchers should attend training which can be booked through MyCampus (https://www.gla.ac.uk/myglasgow/datamanagement/training/).  For more useful information on data management support for researchers click on this link.