Every year the Government commits £billions of taxpayer money into Higher Education Institutes (HEI) in the UK. Without the right links to the non-HEI community, the knowledge and expertise generated from this money often does not benefit society and the economy.  

The aim of the College of Arts Partnership Development Team is to forge productive and sustainable partnerships with organisations, groups, and individuals outside of the Higher Education framework to ensure our world class research makes a difference. 

We hope to achieve this by presenting ways, within these pages, with which we have worked and are currently working with non-HEI stakeholders, from some of Europe's largest organisations, to community groups to individuals.  

How might we collaborate with your organisation to make a difference in society?


To learn more about developing a partnership with the College of Arts please contact Dr Fraser Rowan the College of Arts Knowledge Exchange and Impact manager by email or phone (0141 330 3885).

How might we partner with your organisation?

Using the six themes below, explore a range of short case studies that will give you an insight as to how the College of Arts collaborates with partners outside of the university.

In Jan 2022 we launched our Arts & Humanities Partnership Catalyst. Click the link below to find out how you can get involved.

Learn about our Arts & Humanities Partnership Catalyst

If you would like to discuss any aspect of developing a project (no matter how early stage or loosely developed) with the College of Arts please contact Fraser Rowan, details opposite.

What is the right partnership mechanism for you?