Cohort Development Funding

The Cohort Development Fund (CDF) scheme allows the Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) to fund training initiatives aimed at supporting the disciplinary and interdisciplinary training needs of doctoral researchers in Celtic Languages.


The Cohort Development Fund aims to support academics, students and institutions to work collaboratively to develop and improve doctoral training across the CDT, by providing funds to:

  • develop/deliver training that is not possible/viable for individual institutions;
  • develop/deliver training that is innovative in scope, subject and/or delivery model;
  • lead the development of research training in their discipline(s);
  • develop strong and sustainable peer networks among staff and students of the CDT partner institutions;
  • build capacity among the student body to identify, lead, manage and/or deliver their own training;
  • develop students’ capacity in grant proposal writing.


  • CDF is not intended to support needs-based training for individual students, as there is provision for this under the Student Development Fund;
  • CDF funding may be used to cover the travel costs of DTP or CDT funded students travelling to cohort events.

Deadlines for CDF applications are: 31 March, 31 May and 31 October. Applications between these deadlines will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Please note that it may take up to 4 weeks to receive the outcome of your application. 

Please apply using the application form available at the link below. Completed forms should be emailed in PDF format to

Celtic CDT CDF Application form