Online application process and guide

Who can apply using the online application system?

The online application system can be used by all undergraduate, postgraduate and exchange students who have firmly accepted either an unconditional or conditional offer of study from the University of Glasgow. 

Please note it can take up to 72 hours (three working days) after you accept your offer of study for your student record to import to the accommodation database.You will not be able to proceed until your record is in the database. 

A description of our online accommodation process is provided below. 

If you have any further questions you can also contact us by telephone on +44 (0)141 330 4743 or via email at

Data Protection: The personal information, including photographs, that you supply to Accommodation Services may be retained for up to seven years for audit and record purposes.

Online accommodation process

Online Accommodation Process Flow graphic

Stage 1 - registration

The first stage for all applicants is to register by clicking the REGISTER link on the login page. To complete registration all students will require to provide the following information:

1. UCAS/Application Number

  • For UCAS applicants, please use the 10-digit personal ID number that begins 1xxxxxxxxx e.g. 1112345678.

  • Direct Admission applicants (not through UCAS) and current University of Glasgow students should use their 7-digit MyCampus student registration number e.g. 2012345

2. Surname (Family Name)

3. Date of Birth (in format dd/mm/yyyy)

Once your details have been checked against our database, you will be asked to supply a valid email address and create a username and password. The password must be at least 6 characters long and include at least 1 number.

NB. When supplying an email address, please ensure that you will have access to this email account until you arrive at University as we will send all future correspondence to this address.

Next, to ensure that your email address is valid, a confirmation email will be sent to the address you supplied. You must click on the link within this email to verify your address. Full instructions are contained within the email.

After successfully confirming your email address you can then login to the system using the username and password created at registration and proceed to creating an application.

Stage 2 - application

Login to our online application form and click Create Application to continue.

The first step in creating an application is to select the applicant type that best describes you from the list of options. Each applicant type has a specific application form associated with it, therefore it is important to select the correct type so that the required information for your application is sent to us.

Once you have selected the appropriate applicant type, press Continue to go to the Personal Details screen where you are required to put your current address, postal code and telephone number. Mobile phone number is optional. Finally, press Continue to proceed to your chosen application form.

Each application form contains fields appropriate to the particular applicant type and depending on which form you are completing, you will be asked to complete a selection of fields from the ones listed below:

Disability/Medical Requirements (All Students)
Please use this box to provide any information which you think may help us in allocating your residence/room or organising additional support for you in residence due to a disability or medical condition.

Please note, by clicking Yes on this form you give explicit consent for the University of Glasgow to process any disability or data relating to health that you volunteer for the sole purposes of maintaining your accommodation profile, administering an application for accommodation, facilitating your stay, and providing references upon leaving University provided accommodation.

This information may include things like requiring a ground floor room or a room in a residence nearer to the University due to mobility issue or illnesses which cause fatigue, a mini fridge being required for medicines, sharp bin required for needle disposal, additional fire system equipment being required due to hearing impairment.

This box should also include information on any medical condition which may not affect your room/residence but may be useful for us to know of e.g. epilepsy, mental health issues, Asperger's, etc. 

If you have a disability or a long term medical condition that will impact on your academic or accommodation experience at University, you should register with Disability Services as soon as possible.

Please note all information given will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Care Leavers (All UK Resident Students)
Please be aware that if you are a care leaver you may be entitled to additional financial support to help with the cost of your accommodation. 

Please refer to our care leavers page for more information. 

For clarification, care leaver status only applies to UK residents.

If you indicate that you are a care leaver we will seek confirmation from the University’s Care Leaver Support Coordinator.   We will endeavour to offer you a place in a residence that will allow you to extend your accommodation over the summer period.

If you need further information please contact Accommodation Services or the University’s Care Leaver Support Coordinator. 

Mixed/Single Sex Accommodation (All Students)
Please choose whether you prefer mixed or single sex accommodation (i.e. All male or all female flat). If you select single sex accommodation, this is what you will be offered.  If you opt for mixed sex accommodation you may be allocated to either mixed sex or single sex depending on availability and gender mix.

If you have a specific reason for requesting mixed gender accommodation please give details on application form under the Additional Information section.

Additional Information (All Students)
Please use this box to give us any information which you think may help us when we allocate you to a room.  Additional information may include such things as, the names of friends you wish to share with (please note both you and your friends need to request to share with each other), if you require a room on a particular level or a quiet room. 

Whilst we request this additional information and will endeavour to meet your requirements, we regret that we are unable to guarantee fulfilling your request.

If you have any specific medical requirements, details of this must be entered in the earlier section covering disability/medical requirements.

Contract Length (Postgraduates Only)
Please indicate the length of contract that you require. Either 39 week or 52 week contracts are available to Postgraduates.

Length of Stay (Exchange Students)
In this section you can indicate if you are coming to the University for Semester 1 only, Semester 2 only or for the full academic year (2 Semesters).

College (Exchange Students outside EU Only)
Please select your college from the dropdown list. If your particular college is not listed, please choose Independent.

Rooms Required (Family Applications Only)
Use this to tell us the number of bedrooms that you require.

Number of Children (Family Applications Only)
Please tell us the number of children that will be accompanying you and who will require accommodation.

Residence Preferences
You may choose a mix of room types and residences when selecting your 6 preferences, as per your individual requirements.  Although we will do our utmost to meet your requirements we are unable to guarantee which accommodation you will be offered due to the limited availability of certain types of accommodation.

1st Year Undergraduates should select 6 preferences for accommodation in all available undergraduate residences. Residences currently accommodating 1st year undergraduate students are Firhill Court (Homes for Students), Kelvin Court (Unite), Kelvinhaugh Gate, Murano Street Student Village, Queen Margaret Residence, Student Apartments, Thurso Street (Unite), Winton Flats and Wolfson Hall.

Later Year Undergraduates should select 6 preferences for accommodation in all available undergraduate residences. 

Postgraduates should select 4 preferences for accommodation in postgraduate residences. Residences currently accommodating postgraduate students are Kelvinhaugh Street, Lister House, Maclay Residences, Thurso Street (Unite) and Winton Flats.

Exchange students should select 6 preferences for accommodation. Residences currently accommodating Exchange students are Cairncross House, Firhill Court (Homes for Students), Kelvin Court (Unite), Kelvinhaugh Street, Murano Street Student Village, Queen Margaret Residence, Student Apartments, Thurso Street (Unite), Winton Flats and Wolfson Hall.

Once you complete the online application, you will receive an email acknowledging our receipt of your application.

Stage 3 - accepting your contract

If your application is successful, you will receive notification of your accommodation offer via email. You can then follow the steps below to complete your contract acceptance:

  1. Login to view offer
  2. Proceed to view contract
  3. Accept accommodation contract
  4. Login to your Application Self-Service and pay £600 prepayment (Please note, your contract will be terminated if the prepayment is not received by the University prior to the offer expiry date.)
  5. Book pre-term accommodation if required

Stage 4 - online induction

Each August, Accommodation Services publishes the online induction for the forthcoming year.

Completion is mandatory for all residents, even returning students and members of living support staff, and anyone arriving who has not completed the induction may have their room keys withheld until they have done so.

To access the induction you simply login and click on the induction link. If the residence you have been allocated to is offering arrival slots, you will have the opportunity to book a slot as part of the induction to advise residence staff of your intended arrival time/date.

Finally, once you have completed the induction you will be able to print an Arrival Pass which will confirm your identity to residence staff and provide evidence that you have completed the induction.

Stage 5 - online inventory

Once you have checked in to your accommodation you are required to complete your online inventory check. This involves logging into your accommodation portal, accessing your room inventory and checking the condition of the items in your room against our records.

You are also required to check and accept the condition of items in the communal areas of your flat, therefore the system will let you know what rooms you are required to check.

If you are unhappy with the condition of any items, you can dispute them on the system and a manager will look into this for you.

What will happen if I do not accept my inventory online?

You must either accept your room or send us your comments disputing any item condition within 48 hours of checking into your room. If you do not we will assume that the condition of each item, as held in our records, is correct and your inventory will be automatically accepted by the system.

NB - If you are the first student to check into your block, it is also your responsibility to check the condition of any communal areas listed in your online inventory as well as your own room.

Any questions

If you have any questions about using the online inventory system, please address these in the first instance to your residence management team. Alternatively, you may contact Accommodation Services by email (

Stage 6 - managing your stay

Once you have settled in to your accommodation you can continue to use the online accommodation system to manage your stay in our residences.

You can perform several actions on our system once you have moved in. These are:

  • Print off reference letters
  • Apply to extend your stay
  • Apply to transfer room
  • Apply to depart early

Reference Letters

Students often require reference letters when opening bank accounts or registering with a doctor and you can request these letters from the student accommodation system. By clicking on the desired letter type you will then receive an email with the chosen letter attached.

Extend Your Stay

You can request to stay in University accommodation beyond the end of your current contract. It is not always possible for students to stay in their current room so, in addition to requesting a new required date of departure, we also ask that you provide details of any other residence that you would consider moving to.

Room Transfer

You can request to transfer to another room within our accommodation. In addition to selecting a residence to move to, you should also indicate what room type you prefer and tell us why you want to move room.

Depart Early

You can request to depart early from your accommodation contract. Please note that unless you are withdrawing from University, you will still be liable for the full amount of your accommodation fees unless you find a suitable* replacement to take up your room. If you are withdrawing from University you will have to pay the equivalent of 28 days rent following your departure date. Please refer to your accommodation contract for actual terms and conditions.

*Definition of suitable replacement is: same gender, age range, study status  (i.e. postgraduate, undergraduate) and study year (i.e. 1st year, 2nd year etc.) and not currently living in University of Glasgow accommodation.