Application FAQs

Can I request single or mixed sex accommodation?

Should single sex accommodation be requested at application stage, this will be guaranteed. A limited amount of mixed sex accommodation is available. If this is important to you, please provide additional information on the appropriate section of the application.

I am a disabled student/ I have a long-term medical condition. Will my accommodation needs be met?

If you have a disability or a long term medical condition that will impact on your academic or accommodation experience at University, you should register with Disability Services as soon as possible.

We have a range of accommodation for students with disabilities or long-term medical conditions. Please include details of your specific requirements to assist us in allocating suitable accommodation.

This information may include things like requiring a ground floor room or a room in a residence nearer to the University due to mobility issue or illnesses which cause fatigue, a mini fridge being required for medicines or additional fire system equipment being required due to hearing impairment.

You should also include information on any medical condition which may not affect your room/residence but may be useful for us to know of e.g. epilepsy, mental health issues, Autism, etc. 



How are students grouped in shared accommodation?

We take account of age and course of study in order to place students near to others with similar interests.

Can I share with my friends?

If you wish to share with, or be close to friends you must clearly specify this requirement on the online application form in the section Additional Information. The friend(s) you wish to share with should do the same on their application(s).

When will I receive an offer of accommodation?

We anticipate that we will send offers accommodation to those applicants who have firmly accepted an Unconditional Firm course offer from April 2024 for session 2024/2025.

For undergraduate students with conditional offers that successfully become unconditional offers, the Allocations Team process these applications shortly after Higher & A Level results are published.

Postgraduate applicants falling under the International Postgraduate Taught Student Guarantee will receive an offer once the necessary criteria have been met.


I live within commuting distance of the University, what are my chances of being offered University accommodation?

If you currently live within reasonable commuting distance of the University but would like to live in University halls you can apply for accommodation as soon as you have firmly accepted your offer of study.

In years of exceptionally high demand, students who live within a reasonable commuting distance (c. 1hour by public transport) will not be offered accommodation until a room becomes available. This may be after the start of the semester.

Postcodes within reasonable commuting distance:

G1 G21 G46
G2 G22 G51
G3 G23 G52
G4 G31 G58
G5 G32 G61
G9 G33 G62
G11 G34 G73
G12 G40 G81
G13  G41 G90
G14  G42 PA1
G15  G43 PA4
G20 G44


Can I apply if Glasgow is my Insurance Choice?

No, as we only accept applications for accommodation from students who have indicated that they are definitely coming to study at the University of Glasgow and our accommodation system does not hold student records with an insurance status.

If you eventually decide to come to Glasgow, your study status will be updated to either Unconditional Firm or Conditional Firm and at that stage your student record will be imported into the accommodation system thereby allowing you to apply for accommodation. Please note that it can take up to 72 hours from the time that you firmly accept your offer of study before your record is imported into our accommodation system. 

What happens if I do not have a UCAS Number or Application Code?

Students who do not yet have a UCAS Number or MyCampus number are unable to use the online application system as this code is used to authenticate the student and their academic status.

Am I guaranteed an offer of accommodation?

Please refer to the relevant Admissions Policy for full details.



Study Abroad/Exchange

How long can I stay in my accommodation?

Undergraduates and some postgraduates will sign an agreement for approximately 39 weeks (273 days), which covers both Christmas and Easter holidays. If the academic year of your course exceeds 39 weeks you may be able to extend your contract accordingly, subject to availability. There are a limited number of 51/52-week contracts available for postgraduate applicants.

Should you require accommodation over the summer break, this can be arranged subject to availability, but you may need to move to another room.

What if I am studying at Glasgow for only part of the full Academic Year e.g. Exchange students?

Please see the Admissions Policy for accommodation applicants on Study Abroad and Exchange programmes.

If I have a medical condition/allergy which will have a bearing on my allocation, will this be taken into account?

Yes; please give details on the online application form and send a separate sheet, substantiated with a medical certificate or letter from your GP where possible, to Accommodation Services.

If you have a food allergy it is important to advise us so that this can be noted if you are allocated a room at Wolfson Hall (our undergraduate, catered residence).

It is very important that any such condition is declared as early as possible, in order to avoid the most suitable type of allocation becoming full before we are aware of your needs.

Can I view my accommodation before I move in?

Images of our residences can be found on UofG Accommodation - Flickr and we have 360° tours of Murano Street Student Village and Queen Margaret Residence on YouTube Accommodation Services


I am a later year undergraduate (continuing student) and have not stayed in residence before, will I be offered accommodation?

Please refer to to our Admissions policy for further details.

Continuing students can apply to join the Residence Life team which can be a valuable addition to your CV as well as benefitting from a rent reduction. Find out more on the Residence Life pages.

Does the University make accommodation provision for young people leaving care?

The University recognises that accommodation is particularly important for young people who are looked after or leaving care. At the University of Glasgow, we shall endeavour to offer care leavers 365 day a year accommodation for the duration of their studies.

For more information about what accommodation you may be entitled to, visit the Supporting Care Leavers section of the University website.

When can I apply for accommodation for the 2024/2025 session?

Applications are open now for session 2024/2025

Remember you can apply for accommodation with a conditional or unconditional offer of study providing you have firmly accepted the offer of study.

All applicants are advised to submit an application as soon as possible after firmly accepting a course offer. Please refer to the relevant Admissions Policy for application deadlines:



Study Abroad/Exchange

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