To improve population health and wellbeing and reduce inequalities in health by:

  • monitoring trends in health and wellbeing
  • improving our understanding of social and environmental determinants of health and wellbeing
  • developing, implementing and evaluating the effectiveness of interventions, policies and practices to improve population health and wellbeing
  • knowledge exchange to ensure policies and practices are evidence informed

The University of Glasgow is well placed for these activities and has the relevant skills and experience. We bring together staff from a range of disciplines across the University (and linked to the University) to pursue common themes such as:

  • environment and health
  • perceptions and experiences of health and wellbeing
  • inequalities in health and wellbeing
  • new technologies to enhance health and wellbeing 
  • trials of health service and community-based interventions, and using ‘natural experiments’ to assess the impact on health and wellbeing of social, environmental or policy changes 
  • capitalising on longitudinal studies and the use of routine NHS or other administrative data