Continuing professional development 

General Practice & Primary Care Online distance learning

Lecturer and students in General Practice and Primary Care

General Practice and Primary Care currently offers three masters-level CPD courses, delivered online.

  • CPD: 11 weeks per course

Why this course

  • These courses are suitable for primary care/family medicine professionals (e.g. GPs, family practitioners, nurses, managers, allied health professionals, pharmacists and social workers) or those with an interest in the field. 
  • The courses may be taken on their own for career related training or as an introduction to postgraduate study.
  • Credits attained for these courses can be transferred onto MSc, Diploma or Certificate in Primary Care plans if you decide to study further.
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Course structure

Accredited CPD courses


  • Aimed at helping students to enhance their understanding of the growing global challenge of cardiovascular disease, and the risks and opportunities for systems of care.


  • Aimed at enabling students to understand the challenges related to non-communicable diseases and multimorbidity and to explore strategies that will contribute to their management.


  • Aimed at equipping students with the necessary skills to find, appraise and understand a range of different study designs common in the health care literature.

Non-accredited CPD events

General Practice and Primary Care hosts various professional developments events aimed at primary healthcare professionals.

Course alteration or discontinuation
The University of Glasgow endeavours to run all courses as advertised. In exceptional circumstances, however, the University may withdraw or alter a course. For more information, please see: Student contract.

How to apply

To apply, please email: