SPS Policy on Visiting PGR Fee Waivers

The School of Social and Political Sciences welcomes visiting postgraduate researchers to join its vibrant research community.  During their visit PGRs will have opportunities to meet and work with staff and with other scholars and to join in the research-related activities of SPS. 

Details of the University of Glasgow’s policy and full application process for all visiting PGRs: https://www.gla.ac.uk/research/ourresearchenvironment/prs/mobilityandcollaborationopportunities/visitingresearcherpolicy/ 

Resources available to Visiting PGRs

While present in Glasgow Visiting PGRs will have full access to electronic facilities and the library.  The Library at Glasgow is a first-rate facility that supports many of the University’s world leading research activities and, as well as providing visitors with access to an outstanding collection of materials and services, also offers comfortable desk space that Visiting PGRs can use and computer work-stations.

Timing and Duration

Research visits normally take place during semester time (September to June) and they vary in duration from a few weeks to several months.


The home university will be liable for all costs, including tuition fees, incurred by the researcher unless otherwise agreed in writing.  Details of any such agreement must be included in the application form to the University for consideration at the approval stage. 

SPS Fee Waivers

The School will support fee waivers for up to five visiting PGRs per year on a first come first serve basis. 

An application for a fee waiver must be submitted and approved by the School before a formal application to the University is made. 

No more than 1 application per UofG supervisor will be considered per academic year.

The School will waive PGR fees for up to a maximum of three months in the following circumstances:

  • The visiting PGR’s research topic connects to a key strategic area of inquiry for the School (i.e., to a group not just an individual supervisor)
  • The applicant is from a Low and Middle Income Country (LMIC)

And one of the following conditions must apply:


  • Fees cannot be covered by the student, home institution or the host SPS unit

Application process

Applications for fee waivers will be approved by the School Research & Knowledge Exchange Committee on the recommendation of the School PGR Convenor.  All applications should be submitted to socpol-pgr-admin@glasgow.ac.uk.