Ageing High-Rise in Japan and the UK

This collaborative research aims to share knowledge and experience of historic and current practice and research on ageing highrise neighbourhoods in the UK and Japan to identify future challenges and develop solutions. Through a series of workshops, site visits, and collaborations, the project integrates and advances understanding of how to manage the linked concerns of demographic and physical ageing, referred to here as ‘double-ageing’, of high-rise neighbourhoods. The research focuses on three broad areas of concern to double-ageing high-rise neighbourhoods: the impacts of an ageing population on existing high-rise neighbourhoods, the influence of design and planning in addressing or exacerbating double-ageing, and the role of housing tenure, management, and adaptability in older high-rise developments.

The project brings together expertise on the study of the built environment from a range of disciplines, including, geography, urban planning, sociology, and urban design.


Principle Investigator: Brian Webb Cardiff University

Co-Investigators: James White Glasgow University

                          Michael Short UCL

                          Maxwell Hartt Cardiff University

                          Taro Hirai Hirosaki University

                          Sayaka Fujii University of Tsukuba

                          Akihiko Osawa Takasaki City University of Economics


January 2019 to January 2020 


UK-Japan SSH Connections Call (ESRC-AHRC)