Gender and the populist radical right in Europe

In Europe, gender equality issues are a battlefield for anti-immigration actors. Populist radical right political parties champion traditional models of the family while, at the same time, they paradoxically frame their anti-immigration agenda as a struggle for gender equality, depicting Islam as incompatible with women’s rights. At a time of highly polarised public debate on immigration, those supporting gender equality are under pressure and torn between cultural relativism and cultural fundamentalism.

This fellowship will support full exploitation of the data gathered through my previous projects on this topic. Drawing on these, I will produce a monograph and organise numerous events to engage different British and international publics on this topical issue. The fellowship will allow me to expose the paradoxical and under-studied gendered strategies of these parties and to promote scholarly and public debates on the challenges which their mobilisation of gender equality issues raises for feminists.


Dr Francesca Scrinzi (University of Glasgow, British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship)


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Dr Francesca Scrinzi