Economic & Social History Student Elected President of SRC

Issued: Tue, 09 Mar 2010 14:47:00 GMT

Following his success in the Spring Elections on 3rd and 4th March, junior Honours student Tommy Gore will take over as President of the Students' Representative Council for the 2010-11 session. Tommy will be taking a year out of his studies (joint Honours in Politics and Economic & Social History) to fulfill his role with the Council.

From the SRC website:

The President of the SRC has overall responsibility for the running of the organisation, and making sure it is working for the best outcomes for students, and supporting them during their time at University.

They are the most senior representative of students to the University, and sit on a number of committees – most importantly Senate and Court the two ruling bodies of the University. It’s their job to make sure students voices are heard, and that the ‘bigwigs’ sit up and take note.

The president is also the figurehead of the organisation and will be working with external bodies such as the Coalition of Higher Education Students in Scotland and the Aldwych Group to ensure Glasgow University students views are heard at the national level when appropriate.


We wish Tommy all the best for his year in office!