Employability Awards Archive Trip

Published: 5 March 2010

A group of ESH Honours students used a £200 Faculty Employability Award to fund a visit to the National Archives and National Library in Edinburgh. Click to find out more and see their slideshow.

The Department was delighted to support Hayley Cross, Alison Mackenzie, Mariclaire McGuire, Natalie Murray and Helen Tidd in their successful application for an LBSS Faculty Employability Award.

The group was awarded £200 to fund a trip to the National Archives and National Library in Edinburgh, taking a tour of each site to gain first-hand experience of working with archived material. They made a photo-journal slideshow of their time in Edinburgh, to be presented to the Department's student society, SESH.

Find out more and view the slideshow via the links on the right.

First published: 5 March 2010