CEES Work in Progress Seminars 2011-12

The work in progress seminars which are for both staff and postgraduates (research and taught) within CEES provide an opportunity to give presentations on aspects of current research (for example overview of research design; discussion of methodological, fieldwork, ethical, writing or publication issues) with the aim of generating feedback / discussion in an constructive and supportive setting.

The workshops also provide an ideal forum to ‘trial run’ conference and workshop/seminar papers etc.  Individuals and/or groups of staff/students are welcome to present.  Any ideas for future workshops would be very welcome: either proposals for individual presentations or proposals for a theme for a roundtable/group discussion.  Please contact Moya Flynn

All research students and staff are strongly encouraged to attend these workshops, which provide a place to learn about research going on within CEES and to discuss key issues of research practice, in an informal and relaxed environment.