Doctoral Work in Progress Workshops 2009-2010


Thursday 27 May 15.00 - 16.30
CEES Seminar Room, 8 Lilybank Gardens
Holly Porteous
'Theoretical Approaches to the Study of Gender in Contemporary Russian Women’s Magazines'

This Work in Progress paper will discuss how feminist and media theories can be used to study gender discourses, particularly those regarding femininity and feminine behaviour, within the genre of popular women’s lifestyle magazines in Russia.

Wednesday 12 May 15.00 - 16.30
CEES Seminar Room, 8 Lilybank Gardens
Brendan McGeever
'Lenin and the 'Jewish Question' 1903-1914: the theoretical contours of a debate'

This Work in Progress Paper will look at Lenin's writings on the 'Jewish Question', and in particular his critiques of the Bund. It will try to identify some of the theoretical and philosophical aspects of Lenin's position.  

Wednesday 05 May 15.00 - 16.30
CEES Seminar Room, 8 Lilybank Gardens
Mary Bailes
'Vasilii Vasil'evich Dokuchaev and the environmental science community in late imperial St Petersburg'.

Considering the merits of a 'geographical' approach to the history of science in tsarist Russia.

 Wednesday 24th March 15.00 - 16.30
CEES Seminar Room, 8 Lilybank Gardens
Eleanor Bindman
"European Promotion of Human Rights in Russia: A Theoretical Framework"

focusing on various theories of human rights and European external policy including 'normative power Europe'

Ammon Cheskin
"Discourse theory and national identity"
discussing how theories of discourse can be applied to studies of national identity, with particular attention to the formation of Russian-speakers' identity in Latvia.


Wednesday 7th October 15.00 - 16.00
No 2 University Gardens, Room 209
Brendan McGeever and Michael Comerford will outline findings and raise related methodological issues from project work carried out during the CRCEES Summer School in Tartu:
"The Bottle Collectors of Pirogov Park, Tartu, Estonia- an attitudinal study"

Theme-  This short paper will present a group research design which was competed over three days at the CRCEES Summer School this year in Tartu. The project aims to undertake an ethnographic and sociological  exploration of the phenomenon of 'bottle collecting'- a process in which socially and economically excluded men and women collect empty bottles in Pirogov park, in order to 'cash' them in at a local depository.

Wednesday 14th October  1500-1600
No. 2 University Gardens, Room 209,
Marina Germane
Updating on current research

Wednesday 28th October  1500-1600
No. 2 University Gardens, Room 209
Eleanor Bindman & Liam Coutts
'Research ethics in theory and practice'

Looking at how institutional ethics standards are formulated and how they apply in the Russian/Eastern European field.

Wednesday 4th November 1500-1700
No. 2 University Gardens, Room 209
Monica Ciobanu (CEES, Visiting Fellow)
Master Class
'Memory, Truth and Justice in Post-Communist Romania'

Thursday 5th November 1400-1500
Lab B (room 912=T312), Adam Smith Building
Mahara session (aimed at PDPs) with Dr Dickon Copsey
OPEN TO BOTH Postgraduates and Staff. This session is important as it will facilitate development of Personal Development Plans.