CEES West Coast Seminars, 18th Series - 9 November 2011

Published: 4 November 2011

Dr Louis Clerc: 'Finland's public diplomacy before and after the independence'

Dr Louis Clerc (University of Turku, Visiting Fellow in CEES, University of Glasgow)
Finland's public diplomacy before and after the independence
5.00pm (tea and coffee), for 5.30, CEES Seminar Room, 8-9 Lilybank Gardens

The purpose of this paper is to map a research project currently conducted for the Academy of Finland (2011-2013). My research deals with the efforts, first by the Finnish national movement (1890-1917), then by parts of the Finnish independent authorities, to endorse, support, or produce specific discourses about Finland, and to diffuse these notions through various means towards foreign audiences. It starts with the desire of prominent personalities in the 1890-1917 national movement to “help foreigners understand our national conditions” and goes up to the “public diplomacy” Finnish authorities practiced during the Cold War, a context in which “…one had to carefully choose what was said, to whom, and how…” These activities had in common a concern for the image of Finland amongst foreign publics and leaders, the conviction that a positive image could be an asset for Finland, and that it was the role of the Finnish national movement and Finnish authorities to participate in shaping this image.

The organisers of the West Coast series are grateful for the  financial support provided by the University of Glasgow  MacFie Bequest 

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First published: 4 November 2011