Seminar on Estonian Literature and Literary Translation (CEES) 1 December 2011

Published: 21 November 2011

Estonian Literature & Literary Translation, with Eric Dickens

Eric Dickens (translator)
Estonian Literature Today
12.00-2.00 pm, CEES Seminar Room, 8 Lilybank Gardens

What has been going on in Estonian literary life? How has Estonian literature recovered from decades of Soviet occupation? What place does Estonian literature have in a wider European context?

Round Table
Estonian literature Abroad & Online
2.00-4.00 pm, Estonian Library, Room L06, 8-9 Lilybank Gardens

Discussion: What is an e-library? What other modern possibilities can be used for promoting literature?

Eric Dickens (translator)
Translating a Culture
4.00-6.00 pm, CEES Seminar Room, 8 Lilybank Gardens

How can certain features in literature be translated into a language with a different cultural background? What is more prevalent – to follow an original text or to convey the emotions? To what extent can footnotes be used?

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First published: 21 November 2011