SCCR Covid-19 project in The Conversation

Published: 26 May 2020

Professor Jane Duckett and colleagues have written a piece for The Conversation which explains China;s new coronavirus recovery strategy

Professor Jane Duckett, Dr Holly Snape, Dr Hua Wang, and Dr Yingru Li, who are all part of the research team currently investigating the containment measures that the Chinese Government have used in the fight against coronavirus, and the societal impact of them, have written an article for The Conversation which explains China's new coronavirus recovery strategy. 

When Chinese Premier, Li Keqiang, delivered his annual report on May 22, he put the prevention and control of COVID-19 at the heart of the government’s strategy for the year ahead. The focus will be on protecting employment, livelihoods, businesses, and supply chains from collapse. The plan for China is a “normalisation of prevention and control” and in his opening paragraph he warned "The pandemic is not over". 

The full article can be read online at The Conversation

First published: 26 May 2020

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