PPE Group 2 (small)‌There are over sixty staff and students in the Particle Physics Experiment (PPE) group.  If 'phoning from outwith the University, prefix the telephone numbers with [+44] (0) 141 330. 

For any general enquiries please contact the PPE Group Secretary, Ms Valerie Flood, details below:

PPE Glasgow Postal Address:

PPE Group Secretary, Room 479
School of Physics & Astronomy
Level 4, Kelvin Building
University of Glasgow
Glasgow  G12 8QQ
Scotland, UK

PPE Group Secretary:   Ms Valerie Flood

Tel:     [+44] (0)141 330 4702
Fax:    [+44] (0)141 330 5881


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Long Term Attachments (LTA)

Long Term Attachments (LTA)

Any staff who are currently on Long Term Attachment (LTA) are highlighted on the table below.

Main contact methods for those on LTA are as follows:

  • Glasgow PPE Fax  +44 (0) 141 330 5881_located in office 479, level 4, Kelvin Building
  • CERN Glasgow RICH office (phone)  +41 22 76 74263 or +41 22 76 78055
  • CERN Glasgow VELO office (phone)  +41 22 76 72670
  • CERN Glasgow ATLAS office (phone)  +41 22 76 75950

To contact specific individuals on LTA, please use the CERN phonebook search facility.

PPE Group Staff Members

PPE Group Staff Members

Surname  First NameStatusProject RoomTel On LTAEmail
Alexander Michael RA LHCb 232b 5885
Ashby Joseph Tech Technician 339 6423
Bates Richard  RA  ATLAS/Det Dev  338 6417
Blue Andrew  RA  Detector Development 341 5894
Boutle Sarah RA ATLAS 476 7175
Britton David  Acad  e-Science/ATLAS 480  5454
Buckley Andy Acad ATLAS 481 2534
Buttar  Craig  Acad  ATLAS  473 8473
Callea Guiseppe RA ATLAS 474 2534

Campbell Louisa Admin ATLAS/e-Science 477 8569

Collins Phil Eng Engineer 328b 4650
Cunningham Liam RA ATLAS 341 5894
Doherty  Fred  Tech  Technician 339 6423
Doyle  Anthony  Acad  ATLAS/e-Science  478  5899
Eklund  Lars Acad LHCb  455 8460
Fabbri Federica RA ATLAS 474  2534
Flood  Valerie  Secy  PPE Group 479  4702
Grant Fiona Tech Technician 339 6423
Gray Calum Tech Technician 339 6423 

Maneuski Dzmitry RA Detector Development 427 2033

McMullen Thomas Eng Engineer 341 5890

Naik Sneha Eng Engineer 328b 4650
Nugent John RA MICE 230 2395
O'Shea  Val  Acad  Det Dev/ATLAS  329a  5882    Val.O'
Owen Mark Acad ATLAS 452 5887
Protopopescu Dan RA NA62/ILC 484 4197
Robson  Aidan  Acad ATLAS/Linear Collider  483  8082
Roy Gareth RA e-Science 427 6439
Schiller Manuel RA LHCb 476 5885
Skipsey Sam RA e-Science 427 6439
Soler  Paul  Acad  LHCb/Neutrino 453  4153
Spradlin Patrick RA LHCb (at CERN) 232b 5885
Stewart Gordon IT ATLAS/e-Science 427 6439
Wraight Kenneth RA Det Dev/ATLAS 427 2033

PPE Group Postgraduates

PPE Group Postgraduates


SurnameFirst NameStatus Project Room Tel On LTA/STA Email 
AlShehri Azzah WU ATLAS 326a 7174
Argemi Lluis Simon PG2 ATLAS CMOS 328a 2232
Beddow John WU LHCb 233 2419   j.beddow.1AT
Bobulska Dana PG1 CERN      LTA

Breaden Madden William PG4 ATLAS 326a 7174

Chatzitheodoroidis Gavriil PG1 LHCb 238
Coombs George PG3 CERN 230 2395
Crawley Sam WU ATLAS 326a 7174
Dean Cameron PG4  LHCb 230 2395
Douglas Lauren PG2 LHCb 233 2419  CERN
Doonan Kate WU   427 2033
Duncan Anna PG4  LHCb 328a 2232   0900594d AT
Fenton Michael PG3 ATLAS 326a 7174
Fischer Julian Eras   326a 7174 
Flores Leyre PG1 CERN
Gemmell Alistair WU ATLAS 328a 2232
Graham Connor PG2 NA62 484 4197  LTA 

Gray Chloe PG3 ATLAS 328a 2232

Hallsjo Sven-Patrik PG3 babyMIND 230 2395
Jamieson Jonathan PG1 CERN      LTA
Kanisauskas Kestutis PG4 ATLAS 328a 2232
Levens Thomas PG2   326a 7175 CERN
Longstaff Iain PG6 LHCb 233 2419
Moffat Neil PG3 ATLAS 328a 2232
Quilty Donnchadha WU ATLAS 326a 7174

Sexton Kate WU ATLAS 427 2534  CERN
Spiteri Dwayne PG2 ATLAS 326a 7174  LTA
Traill Murdo PG3 LHCb 233 2419
Ward Bryan WU CDF 427 2534
Warrack Neil PG1 CERN      LTA
Williams Morag PG1 CLIC     CERN 
Zaripova Donatas PG2 ATLAS 326a 7174 CERN


Honorary Research Staff

Honorary Research Staff

Surname First NameStatusProject RoomTel On LTAEmail
Al-Ajili Adwan HRF        


Bates Alison HRF LHCb        
Bayes Ryan HRF          
Bitadze Alexander HRF ATLAS        
Buzatu Adrian HRA ATLAS        
Cheplakov Alexander HRF ATLAS      


Collins-Tooth Chris HRF ATLAS        
Cunningham Colin H Sen RF IGR/PPE        
Ferrando James HRF          
Gligorov Vladimir HRF          
Gowdy Stephen HRF          
Gul Umar HRF          
Hynds Daniel HRF          
Kenyon Mike HRF          
Ogilvie Stephen HRA

Pappagallo Marco HRF          
Pollard Chris HRF          
Saxon David H Sen RF ATLAS        
Schulz Holger HLF          
Skillicorn Ian H Sen RF ZEUS/ATLAS 475 5316
Smith Ken H Sen RF ATLAS/Det Dev


Szumlak Tomasz HRF          
Thompson Stan HRF ATLAS/CDF  475 5316