At any one time there are about 15 of us in the Optics research group. We cover a wide spectrum, from blue-sky research to applied commercial development. 

We are best known for our work on optical angular momentum (where light beams can spin microscopic objects) and our development of optical tweezers (which use laser beams to manipulate the microscopic world). We also study how large-scale transformation-optics devices can be built with micro-optics components, and how optical beams interact with cold atoms and gases.

Funded PhD opportunities

We are looking for smart, enthusiastic PhD UK/EU applicants to take up funded places in:

  • Quantum Imaging (making images from light that has never seen the object)
  • Quantum Storage (using cold atoms to store quantum images)

Anyone interested should e-mail Sonja Franke-Arnold or Miles Padgett

Quantic logo‌QuantIC

The Optics Group play a leading role in one of the UK’s four Quantum Technology Hubs. QuantIC will link world-leading quantum technologists with global industry leaders to transform imaging in alignment with industry priorities. 

Together we will pioneer imaging and sensing systems with breakthrough functionality by developing a family of quantum-enhanced multidimensional cameras operating across a range of wavelengths, timescales and length-scales.‌

Research areas