Quantum optics and Ghost imaging

Spooky Imaging

Entanglement is the quintessential quantum phenomenon, given a "spooky" link between the properties of objects at a distance.

We study this quantum world through the use of light beams which we both create and measure holographically. Beyond exploring this quantum world, we use entanglement to make better communication, sensing and imaging systems.

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The Optics Group play a leading role in one of the UK’s four Quantum Technology Hubs. QuantIC will link world-leading quantum technologists with global industry leaders to transform imaging in alignment with industry priorities. 

Together we will pioneer imaging and sensing systems with breakthrough functionality by developing a family of quantum-enhanced multidimensional cameras operating across a range of wavelengths, timescales and length-scales.‌

PhD opportunities

We are happy to discuss a PhD proposal that is of interest to you and aligned to our own scientific ambitions. Feel free to get in touch.

Selected publications

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