Research Staff

Dr Graham Gibson 

Research Fellow 

Research Interests: SWIR imaging and computer vision for detecting and imaging gas leaks. Single-pixel imaging in the IR and VIS spectral regions. Structured sound (OAM) and rotational Doppler shifts.

Address: 154, Kelvin Building, Glasgow G12 8QQ
Telephone: +44 141 330 6403

Dr Claire Cisowski 

Royal Society Newton International Fellow

Research InterestsStructured light (OAM beams, vector beams, Poincaré beams), geometric phases of light, integrated optics.

Dr Simon Peter Mekhail 

Research Associate

Research Interests: Low-light imaging, Quantum imaging, Endoscopy, Fiber communication, Compressive sensing, Image reconstruction, Machine learning

Address: 154, Kelvin Building, Glasgow G12 8QQ
Telephone: 01413302000; ext: 0894

PhD Students

Amy McWilliam 

Research: My PhD project involves the generation of vector beams in order to determine correlations between different degrees of freedom, with the aim of identifying classical analogues to quantum entanglement. The focus will also be given to the propagation of vectorial light fields through nonlinear media.


Osian Wolley 

Research: My PhD project is investigating imaging with the use of quantum illumination and machine learning, the aim being imaging with near-total rejection of background light and detector noise. Potential applications include microscopy, bio-imaging and security. 


Mustafa Al Khafaji 

Research: PhD topic revolves around inertial sensing, where the goal is to develop a magnetometer using the precession of warm atom's (at room temperature) spin polarisation, enhanced by vector vortex light in order to measure the magnitude and alignment of external magnetic fields.


Francesco Castellucci 

PhD student and Early Stage Researcher

Research: Atom optics, structured light I am studying the interaction between light with structured polarization and cold atoms mediated by the magnetic field. The goal is to reach a level where we can imprint an arbitrary population pattern spatially on the atoms using structured light.

Address: 156, Kelvin Building, Glasgow G12 8QQ

Thomas Gregory 

Research: Quantum Enhanced Imaging, Quantum Optics, Ghost Imaging

Address: 156, Kelvin Building, Glasgow G12 8QQ

Ryan Hawley 

Research: During my PhD I am investigating the use of a simple glass cone (Fresnel cone) to generate broadband vector vortex beams, for application in both single-shot polarimetry and resolution enhancement in optical microscopy.

Address: 156, Kelvin Building, Glasgow G12 8QQ

Harry Jimbrown 

Research: Investigating cold atom memories and fundamental vectorial light-matter interactions. With the potential of exploring the possibility of vector-enhanced sensing and imaging.


Lena Mertens

(PhD student)

Honorary Members/Visitors

Dr Eric Yao 

Senior Lecturer

Physics Education and Research: My main area of interest is in holistic student-centred teaching interventions that enhance learning. This encompasses projects ranging from epistemology and learning theories to student data analysis and specific learning & assessment recipes. My expertise and strong track record are in maximising student effort and student self-efficacy.

Address: Room 232a, Kelvin Building, Glasgow G12 8QQ
Telephone: +44 141 330 6190

Dr Po-Cheng Lin  

Visiting Researcher 

Research Interests: Nonlinear dynamics, fluid mechanics and plasma physics, especially in extreme event formation, synchronization, phase transition, topological defects, Lagrangian descriptions, hydrodynamics turbulence and wave turbulence; Other topics in acoustics, like acoustic levitation and acoustic vortices.  


Dr Chunfang Wang  

Honorary Research Fellow

Research Interests:

Address: 156, Kelvin Building, Glasgow G12 8QQ

Prof Sebastião Pádua 

Honorary Senior Research Fellow
SUPA Visiting Lecturer

Research Interests: Quantum optics, quantum information and nonlinear optics: High dimensional quantum states characterization and application, quantum imaging, quantum interferometry, photonic circuits, structured light, foundations of quantum physics, topological phase.

Telephone: 05531994406712