Where do MCMP research students go?

Our PhD students have gone into a wide variety of different careers, especially in industries related to solid state physics and in academic career paths. Some examples may be seen in the table below, showing the  workplaces of some of our PhD students since 1995.

Rair Macêdo MCMP Group  Jalal Salih  University of Duhok, Iraq
Shabir Ravji Sainsbury's Bank Matúš Krajňák  Monash University
Colin Greenshields The Co-operative Bank plc. Ciaran Ferguson Kaiam Europe Ltd.
Francisco Goncalves Osaka P. University Pablo Borys RIKEN Research Centre, Japan
Pedro Parreira University of Glasgow Aaron Naden Queen's University Belfast
Robert Beacham AWE Marco Bigatti Acusidea (Software Development), Italy
Martin King AWE Eleonora Bellini  Universita del Salento, Italy
Fraser Douglas BG Group Keith Evans Warwick University
M. Abdul Basith Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology Riccardo Bassiri Stanford University
Kerry O'Shea MCMP Group Duc The Ngo Toyota Technological Institute
Paul Robb Imperial College London Rafael Villauruttia FEI Company
Michael Finnie Doosan Power Systems Susan Turnbull PGrad studentship in Medical Physics
Catriona McGilvery Imperial College London Paolo Longo  Gatan, Inc.
David Hamilton


Beverley Craig  Seagate Technology
David Eustace Imperial College London Paula Harkins Glaxo Smithkline, Montrose
Damien McGrouther University of New South Wales Tom McMullen University of Crete, Greece
Mhairi Crawford Hitachi High Technologies Claire Collins Oxford Instruments, High Wycombe 
Christine McArthur Strathclyde University Ewan Maclean  Thistle Scientific
Chee Lim Université Paris-Sud Tommy Munro UKAEA
Sujaul Chowdhury Shah Jalal University of Science
and Technology, Bangladesh
Andrew Gallagher Thermomicroscopes, Bicester 
Margit Herrmann Infineon, Germany Brian Milton

IBM, Winchester 

Frances Docherty Photonic Materials Susan Murdoch  Seagate Technology
Laura Christie School of Manufacturing and Mechanical
Engineering, University of Birmingham
Zoltan Borosfoldi Department of Electronics and Electrical
Engineering, University ofGlasgow
Jason King Sun Microsystems, Linlithgow

Richard Lindsay 

IMEC, Belgium
Pauline McHendry Zeneca John Rose  Myrica
Yan Liu Microelectronics Institute, Singapore Maureen Mackenzie Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany
Derek Corcoran

National Semiconductor, Greenock

Richard Neville AT&T, Dundee
Stuart Vallis Greenpeace Alan Johnston Seagate Technology
Murray Gillies

Philips Research Laboratories, Eindhoven 

Lin Zhou 

Seagate Technology