We are keen to help you with your materials problems or questions, whether you are an SME, a large multi-national firm or an academic in a University or a Research Institute. From short contracts to extended research collaborations, we can apply our extensive expertise to provide you with timely results.

Information concerning our instrumentation and capabilities may be found on our Facilities pages.

Our interactions:

  • Short research contracts targeting a specific problem or feature. The duration can be as short as half a day or stretch to many days of work.
  • Longer term research engagements can help you optimise your materials by enabling access to our expertise over periods of many months giving you time to make changes to your process and for us to feed back to you effects of those changes.
  • Research Partnerships can be an excellent way to undertake long term optimisation of novel materials or processes. We have significant experience in performing industrially relevant research programmes through participation in EU networks and hosting CASE industrial PhD projects.

More information on the types of work we have performed may be found on our Case Studies pages. However, knowing whether a technique is relevant to your problem can be a tricky task.

We are most keen for you to contact us with your requirements.