Experts in the creation and understanding of advanced materials

Imaging and analysis of materials at lengths from the sub-millimetre to the atomic scale.

Our expertise is focused around the application of electron and ion microscopes. Our research has advanced the understanding of structure-property relationships in important technological materials including nanomagnetic structures, semiconductor devices, thin film optical coatings, oxide materials, including ferroelectrics, advanced metal alloys and polymer films & devices.

Our focus

KNC Research Fellow Dr Donald MacLaren

As researchers, we are a part of the Materials and Condensed Matter Physics group in the School of Physics & Astronomy.

We are funded to conduct research spanning a broad range of material classes. These include spintronics & nanomagnetism, functional oxide materials, advanced metal alloys, polymer devices/ sensors and theory.

We have developed many unique methods to probe fundamental structure-property relationships. Our expertise and our methods provide many insights into new materials problems.

The Kelvin Nanocharacterisation Centre provides the advanced facilities we need to conduct this research.