Writing in Transit

This clusters brings together researchers with an interest in the mobility of texts, objects and people across borders; translation, translatability and Untranslatables; the dissemination and transformation of texts across cultures, media and languages. Colleagues who participate in this cluster work across a variety of texts and sources, as well as geographical and chronological areas, privileging a comparative approach. 

Researchers from this cluster are involved in projects that explore women writers; texts and migration; the dissemination of books; the reception and re-adaptation of literature; world literature; Barbara Cassin's Dictionary of Untranslatables."



Shanti Graheli (convenor)

Henriette Partzsch (convenor)


Elisa Segnini

Elwira Grossman

Enza De Francisci

Greg Kerr

James Rann

Laura Martin

Michael Syrotinski

Mirna Solic

Paul Castro

Tiina Tuominen